amyschumerred Inside Amy Schumer

Attend a taping of Amy Schumer’s new TV pilot

Other than that headline, there’s not much to add here other than a hearty YES! Amy Schumer is taping a TV pilot. So there’s a chance to get some free last minute tickets to see Amy in action taping for Comedy Central. The show tapes tomorrow (Wed, Feb 1st) at 1pm and 3pm in New […]

kevinsmithepix Video

Kevin Smith Will Burn In Hell On February 11th

One thing I find myself digging about Kevin Smith is that he’s always trying something new and different. Whether it be making movies, working for TV, launching podcasts or now, coming out with a new one-man show, Burn In Hell is set to have a television premiere (on EPIX) February 11th. The show is available […]

LCK Metal Lists

Metal Insider’s 5 Most Metal Comedians

The same designer responsible for the metal comedians released another two shirts in a similar vein. This time, they meld Louis C.K. with The Dead Kennedys and Sam Kinison with Samhain. While you can buy them at the designer’s website. However, seeing both shirts reminded us how metal and comedy truly go together splendidly. In […]

louisck News

A new Louis C.K. sitcom in the works for CBS

Network TV is now taking interest in Louis C.K. as he, along with former Seinfeld writer—late night host Spike Feresten are putting together a half-hour sitcom for CBS. The network has green-lit a currently untitled sitcom whose premise is about a group of creative twentysomethings trying to make it in the world. The pair has […]


The Laugh Button stops by Robert Kelly’s “You Know What Dude” podcast

Last Tuesday we left the TLB Towers and met up with comedians Robert Kelly and Joe DeRosa to record an episode of Kelly’s podcast, You Know What Duuude. Robert invited us onto the show to talk about his upcoming first ever live podcast taping we are presenting at Gotham Comedy Club on February 8th. As […]

We Hot American Summer reunion SF Sketchfest

The Cast Of “Wet Hot American Summer” Reunited At SF Sketchfest

The cast of the cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer reunited at SF Sketch Fest for a live radio read of the movie. Much of the original cast showed up with few exceptions (Bradley Cooper, David Hyde Pierce, Janeane Garofalo) but that allowed for many other guest drop ins like Busy Phillipps, Colin Hanks, Bobcat […]

montypythonreunited News

Monty Python Cast To Reunite For New Sci-Fi Film

The cast from Monty Python’s Flying Circus are reuniting for a live action/animated CGI film, Absolutely Anything. The flick will be produced by longtime friends of the Python camp, Terry Jones and Mike Medavoy. The film is set to film this spring in the U.K. with the Pythons performing the voices of key roles as […]

mlkday Video

Can “30 Rock’s” MLK Day Be A Real Movie Already Please!?

If you missed the opening of the second episode of 30 Rock last night, you missed yourself one of the best spoofs we’ve seen in a long time as they performed a send-up of all those terrible mega ensemble films that revolve around a holiday. But since all the good holidays already have films, they’ve […]