February 2013 - The Laugh Button

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  • Louis stand-up C.K.’s special, “Oh My God” will premiere on HBO April 13th

    According to Splitsider, Louis C.K.’s new special, Oh My God will premiere on HBO on April 13th. While C.K. already announced that his next special would be on HBO, he gave no new details until now. Mark the TiVo and prepare to laugh your ass off.

    Batton down the hatches… Doug Stanhope now has a podcast

    Doug Stanhope PodcastRun for cover because Doug Stanhope just launched his own Podcast. Called “I Don’t Have A Podcast,” we’re simultaneously excited that the free-flowing Stanhope will have a platform where he can just mouth off about anything and anyone he’d like, ready to be spread by his legion of devoted fans around the world. This is also the same reason we’re also terrified at the possibility as well. Stanhope’s fans are a loyal bunch, we know from experience with every mention of him on this website his fan’s can’t get enough and we’re sure this will be no different.

    The first podcast features him with his friend and comedian Andy Andrist as they discuss their recent confrontation with his alleged molester from his your. Things pick up on the podcast post confrontation on video. The video of the confrontation was posted online earlier but it’s since been removed for a potential documentary to be made in the future.

    Stanhope revealed that he has no real details about how often he’ll be recording his podcast or if he’s sticking with the name, so we might get them sporadically for a bit. He also took a jab at the sheer number of podcasts that are already out in the world, stating, “I was always proud to seemingly be the only comic in the world without a podcast. But I was also proud to be the last comic on the Internet, on Myspace, Twitter to use texting.”

    Download the entire thing here. Give ’em hell Doug.

    Kevin Hart promo videos for hosting this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” (video)

    Comedian Kevin Hart is set to host Saturday Night Live this weekend. It’s the second time a bona fide legit stand-up comedian is hosting this season. The first time around we were treated to a fantastic Louis C.K. episode just days after Hurricane Sandy. While Kevin Hart doesn’t have a storm to contend with, he does have the ability to keep the comedian good streak alive. Here are some promo clips where they pull out the classic short comedian in an overcoat on top of Bobby Moynihan trick.

    Stand-Up Clip of the Day: Davey Mac is the worst stand-up comedian ever, and he’s hilarious (video)

    Last night we attended the Riotcast.com comedy show at The Stand comedy club. The show featured the comedians from the podcasts that fall under the network including comedians Louis J. Gomez, Kelly Fastuca, Robert Kelly, Jen Remauro, Jim Florentine, Bonnie McFarlane, Rich Vos, and Kris Tinkle. Perhaps the oddest and most hilarious moment of the evening was when the world’s worst comedian East Side Dave, aka Dave MacDonald, aka Davey Mac took the stage. Read More

    Kurt Braunohler’s campaign to skywrite stupid things in the sky is happening

    A+ props to Kurt Braunohler for starting a campaign in the name of something silly. A few weeks ago the comedian revealed his idea of launching a Kickstarter campaign so he could hire “a man in a plane to write stupid things with clouds in the sky.” The campaign went live and Braunohler raised $6,820 for his plan to give people an “unexpected gift of absurdity.” Now, all we have to do is set our calendar reminders to keep an eye on the sky on March 23rd at 3:30pm in downtown LA to see what we get.

    The Super Troopers sequel is happening, set to film this year

    Alright, we know! It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a rumor about a Super Troopers sequel with every member from the cult film’s creators, Broken Lizard delivering details about what stage of development the movie is in. Well ramp up the rumor mill and recall the most recent update in August 2012 and add to it that Team Ramrod is happening and riding again in 2013. In an interview with Guyspeed.com, Kevin Heffernan aka “Farva” revealed the finished script was handed into FOX and they’re negotiating filming logistics but they’re eying for shooting in 2013.

    8 Ways to overcome writer’s block and create new jokes

    8 waysContent creation can sometime be a major roadblock for any type of artist, comedian or writer. Sometimes the best thing to do is to slow down, simplify your approach and most importantly, take a look around. Below are eight ideas to help jump start the creative process and help you create that next killer joke.

    For each point below, be sure to WRITE IT DOWN and keep an ongoing journal for future reference.

    1) Rise n’ Shine – Right when you wake up in the morning, write down the first thing that pops in your mind. Non-judgmental, non-editorial. There is subliminal activity happening in your brain while you sleep and usually within the first thirty seconds of waking up, your overnight thoughts are replaced with the immediate overload of senses and real world visuals. Writing down the first thing you think of can provide a strong launching point for ideas that are needed later in the day. Read More

    The Laugh Button & Gotham Comedy Club presents Robert Kelly’s Nasty Show at SXSW!

    TLB Live SXSW 3013

    On the heels of last week’s SXSW Comedy lineup we’re psyched to reveal the full details of our involvement in the festival with the announcement of our second official SXSW comedy showcase! The Laugh Button has teamed up with NYC’s legendary comedy club, Gotham Comedy Club to present Robert Kelly’s Nasty Show! live and in-person in Austin, TX.

    We’re tremendously excited to have Robert Kelly (Louie, You Know What Dude? podcast) host an incredible lineup of comedians including Aisha Tyler (Archer), Big Jay Oakerson (Legion of Skanks podcast), Mark Normand (John Oliver’s Stand Up NY), and Matt Braunger (MADtv) who will fill the night full of taboo free, no-holds-barred, nasty as they want to be, hilarious stand-up comedy one night only in Austin, TX. Read More

    Pete Holmes inks deal with Conan O’Brien for a late night TBS talk show

    Pete HolmesDreams do come true for “fun dad” and comedian Pete Holmes probably couldn’t be happier. The comic/podcaster/voice actor inked a deal with Conan O’Brien’s Conaco Production Company to develop a late night television show that will run for four-weeks on TBS. The George Lopez Show currently untitled show will air after Conan at midnight beginning in the fall 2013, airing four nights a week, Monday-Thursday.

    The show includes an all-star lineup of executive producers including Jeff Ross, David Kissinger, Nick Bernstein, Dave Rath and of course O’Brien. The show will be a half-hour, will be taped before a live studio audience and will include short films, sketches, live comedy, field pieces and in-studio guest interviews. 

    This past summer Holmes hosted interviews from Conan’s “After-Hours Stand-up” web features and filmed a few test episodes under the moniker The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes this past summer but that will no longer be the name for this new show. Read More

    The Comedy Cellar at the Village Underground soft opens this weekend

    Comedy Cellar Village UndergroundLast fall we produced the Cheat book release part at the Comedy Cellar at The Village Underground. It was the first look we got of the Comedy Cellar’s plans to open a bigger stand-up space as the room is larger than the cellar yet the goal is to have the comedian-friendly vibe of the Cellar itself.

    The new room, officially called The Comedy Cellar at The Village Underground will host a soft open this weekend. Located right around the corner from the original Cellar, (130 W 3rd Street off 6th Avenue to be exact), and has the same owner, Noam Dworman who shared this news and description of the room via the Cellar’s email list. Read More