comedybangbanglivelg 5 Reasons

5 Reasons you must see Comedy Bang! Bang! Live!

The stars of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! Live! have been touring with guests including James Adomian, Kurt Braunohler, Tim Heidecker, Paul F. Tompkins, and an injured host, Scott Aukerman. Apparently, he broke his heel and sprained his ankle walking onto the stage at the second date of the tour and has been hobbling around ever […]

Dane Cook 5 Reasons

5 Reasons to unironically catch Dane Cook in “The Producers”

This weekend Dane Cook will appear in the stage production of Mel Brook’s play, The Producers as Franz Liebkind. The platinum-selling comic has certainly experienced his share of backlash. Will he be able to sing and dance his way to a new level of creativity? Here are 5 reasons to catch Cook in the play.

5 Reasons

5 Reasons To Check Out Dave Hill’s New Book, “Tasteful Nudes”

Comedian, musician, satarist, and snappy dresser Dave Hill is releasing his new book, Tasteful Nudes today. It’s Hill’s first book and in addition to making a kickass rock video for its release, he also gave us 5 Reasons one should all go out and pick up a copy of Tasteful Nudes.

Beards Of Comedy 5 Reasons

5 Reasons To Catch The Beards of Comedy’s Current Midwest Tour

Andy Sandford, Dave Stone, TJ Young and Joe Zimmerman are four funny, furry dudes who host their own show at The Creek and The Cave in New York City, have been featured on the front page of and recently released their second album, Cardio Mix, on Comedy Central Records.

Devil Festival Judah 5 Reasons

Steve Hofstetter’s 5 Reasons To Attend The Devil Festival

Beginning this weekend, the comedy club The Laughing Devil will kick off the week-long stand-up comedy festival Devil Festival where you can catch comedy, attend seminars, and watch someone win $2500 in prize money. We caught up with comedian and director of The Laughing Devil, Steve Hofstetter to give us 5 Reasons you can’t mises […]

5 Reasons

5 Reasons to watch “Money From Strangers” with Jeff Dye

On his new TV show Money From Strangers, comedian Jeff Dye wants to give you cash, but there’s a catch, you really have to work for it. Dye finds people on the street and offers them the chance to play the game. The willing participant then gets an earbud from Dye who watches on hidden […]

5 Reasons

5 Reasons to have coffee with Rick Shapiro

Rick Shapiro’s dance card is pretty full these days. We’ve only hit April in 2012 and the comedian has released his book, Unfiltered, starred in the movie Project X and most recently released a new comedy album, Catalyst For Change on Stand Up! Records. Shapiro’s been a staple and one of the most interesting men […]

5 Reasons

5 Reasons to listen to Dylan Brody’s “Chronological Disorder”

Dylan Brody is an award winning playwright, humorist, published author and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. His latest stand-up album hit the shelves a few weeks back and we caught up with Brody to have him give us 5 Reasons why we should all check out Chronological Disorder.