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  • 5 Reasons you must see Comedy Bang! Bang! Live!

    The stars of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! Live! have been touring with guests including James Adomian, Kurt Braunohler, Tim Heidecker, Paul F. Tompkins, and an injured host, Scott Aukerman. Apparently, he broke his heel and sprained his ankle walking onto the stage at the second date of the tour and has been hobbling around ever since. Last night, I went to the first of two shows at Highline Ballroom and here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss it.

    Reason #5
    Sneak Peeks. The night previewed clips from the season finales of Bunk and Comedy Bang! Bang! Spoiler alert: “Weird Al” attempts to break his accordion on the set of CB!B! and Reggie rocks with Tenacious D.

    Reason #4
    Audience Participation. We all know that stand up shows usually include crowd participation (usually not by choice). Aukerman had the privilege of explaining the rules of the venue to the crowd. After requesting a leader in case of a firefrom the crowd, the chosen one had to come up on the stage and prove to the crowd that he was responsible enough. The volunteer was asked to role play as a fireman, then as Scott’s wife (complete with a wig and make-up) so he could practice his marriage proposal, and lastly as a shirtless cow at therapy.

    Reason #3
    The Body. James Adomian’s impression of Jesse “The Body” Ventura really got the crowd going towards the end of the night. He came out onto the stage full of conspiracy theories and of course he voted third party in the ‘Would you rather?’ portion when asked if he would rather have the voice of Fred Schneider of the B52’s when mad, or shit his pants whenever happy. Read More

    5 Reasons To Watch “Money From Strangers” With Jeff Dye

    On his new TV show Money From Strangers, comedian Jeff Dye wants to give you cash, but there’s a catch, you really have to work for it. Dye finds people on the street and offers them the chance to play the game. The willing participant then gets an earbud from Dye who watches on hidden cameras with other comedian friends (I spotted Joe Mande, Kurt Braunohler, Ali Wong, Moshe Kasher, Streeter Seidell, Jordan Carlos, and Eric Andre in the trailer) who tell their pawn to do and say things around the city that earn them money. Buffoonery at it’s finest! Read More

    5 Reasons To Have Coffee With Rick Shapiro

    Rick Shapiro’s dance card is pretty full these days. We’ve only hit April in 2012 and the comedian has released his book, Unfiltered, starred in the movie Project X and most recently released a new comedy album, Catalyst For Change on Stand Up! Records. Shapiro’s been a staple and one of the most interesting men in the comedy scene for years. It’s no surprise anyone would want to sit down for a chat with the man. Read More