Chris Hardwick and the art of the Mandroid

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  • Chris Hardwick and the art of the Mandroid

    Mandroid SketchChris Hardwick will release his DVD and CD Mandroid this Tuesday.

    The DVD will feature unreleased and uncensored material as the Nerdist himself breaks down the culture of geek while donning one of the shiniest suits he could find. One can never be too robot-y when they are talking about Mandroids. That’s what they say around these parts. And by “around these parts,” we mean in our basements as we fire up the old Joke-O-matic 2000. It’s a bit outdated a model but she’s paid for, and finances are tight these days.

    A while back we got a sneak peek at the special’s album art in all it’s Robot-fighting-a-dinosaur-on-the-surface-of-the-moon glory. Just yesterday posted drafts of the awesome art including early sketches of the art then as things transitioned from a headless robot, to fighting robots, to the bought with the dinosaur. It’s a complete transition.

    What do you think?