Cool thing to buy this week: Mitch Fatel "Public Display of Perversion"

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  • Cool thing to buy this week: Mitch Fatel “Public Display of Perversion”

    Mitch Fatel - Public Display of PerversionMitch Fatel returns with his new comedy album, Public Display of Perversion which just hit stores this week.

    Seven years have passed since Fatel’s last comedy album, Super Retardo and 4 years since his last special, Is Magical. And if you’re thinking age and getting married has changed Fatel’s on-stage persona of a mumbling sex crazed prepubescent teenager, then you obviously don’t know Mitch Fatel. There’s still something entirely engaging about watching a grown man whispering, “I love breasts” and giggling incessantly. Public Display of Perversion is like you’re being transported to your 12-year-old middle school self and remembering how hilarious it was to start learning about girls and boobs and dick jokes.

    On why it took so long to release the new album, Fatel addresses the wait through a post on his website.

    “I’ve never been a huge fan of Super Retardo, even though I’m aware its many people’s favorite. I just think I should have waited a bit longer to make Super Retardo because now, when I listen back, I realize the bits got better over time and I should have waited till they were more polished. So, my answer to that was to wait way too long to make Public Display of Perversion, to make sure it was super polished, and I’ve been rewarded with what I think is the best CD ever! But you be the judge.”

    Public Display Of Perversion is in stores now. Get on it!

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