Review: Tommy Johnagin Stand Up Comedy 2

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  • Review: Tommy Johnagin “Stand Up Comedy 2”

    Tommy Johnagin is a college dropout who appears to have made the correct choice when he opted to pursue comedy. Johnagin comes across as the everyday guy who would be sitting in your cubicle next to you. He’s straight-laced, he doesn’t swear, and he’s not crass. He just talks about different scenarios he’s run into, and how he deals with them. He’s the responsible guy who wants to try buying drugs, but he doesn’t know how to. Should he meet someone in the back of a parking lot? Will there be a code word? He’s just not sure. He’s the guy who doesn’t understand why you’d need a safety word while having sex. “I wasn’t expecting to get hurt, I thought this would be relaxing.”

    On his second album, Stand Up Comedy 2, Tommy hilariously delves into the life of someone who has nothing special to impress anyone with. He has a Midwest style where he can talk about any life experience in an almost absurd yet thoughtful way. He’s entertaining because his humor is the stuff we’ve all experienced yet he finds a new way to look at a situation.

    Johnagin tells his audience he’s had trouble kissing women because he’s not sure how to do it. There’s always awkwardness of two people locking lips with different ideas of where their lips should be. Not only is this scenario not romantic, it’s confusing and creates comedic tension. “Get your FACE away from my FACE!” he extorts into the mic. With family life, Johnagin is convinced most of his relatives are accidents. “If you ever meet a Johnagin, you probably weren’t supposed to.” Johnagin has a laid back but assertive style. He’s aware of his weaknesses, and isn’t concerned what others think. When he goes to the club, he’s not there to get laid, he just wants to dance. Johnagin goes on to detail his amazement at childbirth. “I have no experience having a child, but there should be a better way for the baby to come out.” He calls it an “inconvenient exit.” “There should be a side baby door or something.”

    Johnagin’s comedic style is very deliberate, but he also likes to be repetitive for the sake of exclamation. He doesn’t just tell a story about sleeping with a girl, he’ll say “we were going to have SEX, we were going to have SEX, that’s right, SEX.” His style is suggestive of a guy you’d want to hang out with because you know there will be an adventure involved. It’s kind of like Revenge of The Nerds, except Johnagin isn’t so much nerdy, he’s just a young guy with seriously funny life stories. Sometimes his delivery is so great it’s as if he’s not going for a punchline, rather just as confused about a situation as the audience would be and working through it. He’s a comic who likes to find a nonsensical solution for everyday problems, and as he explains it so matter-of-fact, you’re tempted to believe anything he says would work.

    Stand Up Comedy 2 is in stores now, make sure to pick it up now.

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