The Shit Show Interviews

The Sh*t Show, Chicago’s monthly stand-up comedy show (video)

On the last Friday of every month in Chicago, comedians Ever Mainard and Rasa Gierstikas co-host a free comedy showcase at The Shambles called The Shit Show. What is The Shit Show you ask? Well rather than us trying to have someone explain it to us, we decided to head on out there and check […]

Beverly Hills Cop News

Beverly Hills Cop TV reboot picks up a familiar face

We shared the news back in August and what once was random thought, now becomes a reality. Beverly Hills Cop will continue its life, living in the form of a CBS television show. While Eddie Murphy has been attached to the project since the beginning as an executive producer while making a few early cameos as Axel Foley. […]

The Laugh Guide: Insult Comedy Comedy 101

Comedy 101: Insult Comedy

The ongoing series of exploring different styles of comedy. Comedy 101: Insult Comedy Hey dumbass, stick that flannel shirt up your ass and fit in with the other douche bags. I heard this direct insult from Jeffrey Ross as roasted crowd members during Just For Laughs 2011. Ross’ style of invasive, rude, uncensored delivery is […]

Podcast One Podcast

New podcast site makes accessing your favorite comedy shows as easy as 1-2-3

Podcasting continues to be a creative outlet for many tenured, up and coming or newbie comedians as accessing content continues to become easier and easier. Launchpad Digital Media recently announced the debut of its new on-stop-shop for comedy podcasts, The site is already home to some of the largest and most popular podcasters such […]

South Beach Comedy Festival News

South Beach Comedy Festival announced, Burr, Silverman, Schumer, and Meyers amongst headliners

Comedy Central and Live Nation announced another amazing comedy showcase as the South Beach Comedy Festival returns to Miami Beach Wednesday, April 17th – Sunday, April 21st. The festival matures into its eighth year as the lineup and shows continue to highlight top of the line comedians. This year features Bill Burr, Jamel Debouzze, Pete Holmes, Jim Jefferies, Seth […]

The Laugh Guide Comedy 101

Comedy 101: Deadpan Comedy

The ongoing series of exploring different styles of comedy. Comedy 101: Deadpan Comedy By Definition dead·pan (n., adj., v., intr., tr.) A blank, expressionless face, especially a performer, who has or assumes a blank expression, impassively matter-of-fact, as in style, behavior, or expression. The similarities between Mike Birbiglia, Demetri Martin, the late Mitch Hedberg, Bill Murray […]

8 ways Lists

8 Ways to overcome writer’s block and create new jokes

Content creation can sometime be a major roadblock for any type of artist, comedian or writer. Sometimes the best thing to do is to slow down, simplify your approach and most importantly, take a look around. Below are eight ideas to help jump start the creative process and help you create that next killer joke. For […]

Pete Holmes News

Pete Holmes inks deal with Conan O’Brien for a late night TBS talk show

Dreams do come true for “fun dad” and comedian Pete Holmes probably couldn’t be happier. The comic/podcaster/voice actor inked a deal with Conan O’Brien’s Conaco Production Company to develop a late night television show that will run for four-weeks on TBS. The George Lopez Show currently untitled show will air after Conan at midnight beginning in the fall […]

Church Lady Video

Welcome to the church of comedy, humor in religion (video)

It’s sometimes avoided but religion has always played a role in comedy. Whether it being a comic discussing a religious upbringing, their questions of faith, or holiness of the subject matter being juxtaposed with a comical nature. Religion works because it casts a large net by nature, offering common source material for many where a joke […]