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  • The Sh*t Show, Chicago’s monthly stand-up comedy show (video)

    On the last Friday of every month in Chicago, comedians Ever Mainard and Rasa Gierstikas co-host a free comedy showcase at The Shambles called The Shit Show. What is The Shit Show you ask? Well rather than us trying to have someone explain it to us, we decided to head on out there and check it out for ourselves. We also got some face time with the shows organizers to get a bit of insight. Chicago locals should get themselves out to The Shambles while the rest of us now have an event to check out the next time we find ourselves out in the Windy City.

    Beverly Hills Cop TV reboot picks up a familiar face

    Beverly Hills CopWe shared the news back in August and what once was random thought, now becomes a reality. Beverly Hills Cop will continue its life, living in the form of a CBS television show. While Eddie Murphy has been attached to the project since the beginning as an executive producer while making a few early cameos as Axel Foley. In addition they’ve recently confirmed actor/comedian Brandon T. Jackson will star as Axel Foley Jr. Now we can add one more name into the mix as it was revealed that Judge Reinhold is said to have signed on for a cameo role reviving his old character as William “Billy” Rosewood.

    To make it on air requires a new angle on an old story and the writers and producers might have found a way to achieve such success. Reported on multiple sites, the alleged pilot follows the story line of Axel’s son as he fights to bring down the corrupt in Beverly Hills. The more I read about this the more I like it. I’m sure Murphy and Reinhold will be able to rekindle old comedic flames and bring this old comedy to new generations. Read More

    The Laugh Guide: Insult Comedy

    The Laugh Guide: Insult ComedyThe ongoing series of exploring different styles of comedy.

    The Laugh Guide: Issue 6 – Insult Comedy

    Hey dumbass, stick that flannel shirt up your ass and fit in with the other douche bags.

    I heard this direct insult from Jeffrey Ross as roasted crowd members during Just For Laughs 2011. Ross’ style of invasive, rude, uncensored delivery is the perfect description of what an insult comic is all about. This form of comedy attacks and abuses an audience and/or other performers as it is widely popular style found in modern comedy.

    In 2013, comedians such as Ross, Anthony Jeselnik and Amy Schumer keep this style of insult comedy alive and well. Their jokes are usually shorter in length and involve radical stereotypes complimented with foul language and direct verbal abuse. Such humor has led to primetime television shows such as The Burn with Jeff Ross and The Jeselnik Offensive with Anthony Jeselnik. Read More

    New podcast site makes accessing your favorite comedy shows as easy as 1-2-3

    Podcast OnePodcasting continues to be a creative outlet for many tenured, up and coming or newbie comedians as accessing content continues to become easier and easier. Launchpad Digital Media recently announced the debut of its new on-stop-shop for comedy podcasts, The site is already home to some of the largest and most popular podcasters such as Adam Carolla, Dennis Miller, Tom Green and George Lopez, just to name a few.

    The website has a nice easy feel to it as comedy shows simply slide across the screen in clear, easy to see icons. What’s really neat is the automatic suggestions that PodcastOne provides from shows listeners add to their play list. Similar to Pandora, the service takes suggestions based on the listeners existing tastes while episodes are continuously updated for listening online or downloading for future use. Read More

    South Beach Comedy Festival announced, Burr, Silverman, Schumer, and Meyers amongst headliners

    South Beach Comedy FestivalComedy Central and Live Nation announced another amazing comedy showcase as the South Beach Comedy Festival returns to Miami Beach Wednesday, April 17th – Sunday, April 21st. The festival matures into its eighth year as the lineup and shows continue to highlight top of the line comedians. This year features Bill Burr, Jamel Debouzze, Pete Holmes, Jim Jefferies, Seth Meyers, Tracy Morgan, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and much, much more.

    Comedy Central and Live Nation are also welcoming back Taco Bell as sponsor as the festival will highlight a variety of acts across multiple locations including the Festival’s outdoor, free, nightly comedy venue at The Lincoln Road Stage. In previous years, the festival was held in January yet things were moved to April this year. I’m sure it’s much more comfortable during the Spring time yet is it ever cold in South Beach? I think not. Tickets are on sale as of today through the festival’s website here are some details about the larger showcases and special performances. Read More

    The Laugh Guide: Deadpan Comedy

    The Laugh GuideThe ongoing series of exploring different styles of comedy.

    The Laugh Guide: Issue 5 – Deadpan Comedy

    By Definition dead·pan (n., adj., v., intr., tr.)
    A blank, expressionless face, especially a performer, who has or assumes a blank expression, impassively matter-of-fact, as in style, behavior, or expression.

    The similarities between Mike Birbiglia, Demetri Martin, the late Mitch Hedberg, Bill Murray and the TV show The Office resides in the ability to tell jokes without having a change in facial expression or emotions. Deadpan comedy is not strictly a style of humor but more a tactic that can be used in short intervals or stretched across a comedians entire career. This strategy of joke telling doesn’t appeal to everybody yet if given the right comedic set up and relatable situation, Deadpan Comedy can make any adult cry with laughter. Read More

    8 Ways to overcome writer’s block and create new jokes

    8 waysContent creation can sometime be a major roadblock for any type of artist, comedian or writer. Sometimes the best thing to do is to slow down, simplify your approach and most importantly, take a look around. Below are eight ideas to help jump start the creative process and help you create that next killer joke.

    For each point below, be sure to WRITE IT DOWN and keep an ongoing journal for future reference.

    1) Rise n’ Shine – Right when you wake up in the morning, write down the first thing that pops in your mind. Non-judgmental, non-editorial. There is subliminal activity happening in your brain while you sleep and usually within the first thirty seconds of waking up, your overnight thoughts are replaced with the immediate overload of senses and real world visuals. Writing down the first thing you think of can provide a strong launching point for ideas that are needed later in the day. Read More

    Pete Holmes inks deal with Conan O’Brien for a late night TBS talk show

    Pete HolmesDreams do come true for “fun dad” and comedian Pete Holmes probably couldn’t be happier. The comic/podcaster/voice actor inked a deal with Conan O’Brien’s Conaco Production Company to develop a late night television show that will run for four-weeks on TBS. The George Lopez Show currently untitled show will air after Conan at midnight beginning in the fall 2013, airing four nights a week, Monday-Thursday.

    The show includes an all-star lineup of executive producers including Jeff Ross, David Kissinger, Nick Bernstein, Dave Rath and of course O’Brien. The show will be a half-hour, will be taped before a live studio audience and will include short films, sketches, live comedy, field pieces and in-studio guest interviews. 

    This past summer Holmes hosted interviews from Conan’s “After-Hours Stand-up” web features and filmed a few test episodes under the moniker The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes this past summer but that will no longer be the name for this new show. Read More

    Welcome to the church of comedy, humor in religion (video)

    Church LadyIt’s sometimes avoided but religion has always played a role in comedy. Whether it being a comic discussing a religious upbringing, their questions of faith, or holiness of the subject matter being juxtaposed with a comical nature.

    Religion works because it casts a large net by nature, offering common source material for many where a joke can be built on top of. This week alone late night television is addressing the resignation of The Pope. We ourselves just covered Trevor Moore’s religious spoof, we all know that Walter doesn’t roll on Shabbos (The Big Lebowski), while sketch comedy shows from MADtv, The State, and Saturday Night Live have all found humor in religion over the years.

    In celebration of this, we provide you a diverse field of funny religious clips. Read More

    Michelle Obama takes on the “Evolution of Mom Dancing” with Jimmy Fallon (video)

    Jimmy Fallon, Michelle ObamaFirst Lady Michelle Obama has been on a comedy and entertainment spree as she recently made a unique visit Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Last Friday she not only visited the show but she also participated in a high energy sketch with Fallon dressed in drag. The skit was called “Evolution of Mom Dancing” and was in support of her anti-childhood obesity campaign, “Let’s Move.”

    Mrs. Obama joked with Fallon about Jay Leno possibly leaving the The Tonight Show as she stated she would be interested in putting her name in the hat for the host position. Joking or not, it caught the attention from many viewers that feel she could drastically change late night comedy if she were to adventure down that road.

    Michelle also had all the eyes of the entertainment world on her when she made a guest appearance as an award presenter last night at the Oscars. Later this week she will be on ABC’s Good Morning America as well as FOX’s The Dr. Oz Show. Like her husband, Michell’s become good at utilizing media to spread her message. And if she doesn’t run for any sort of office once her husband’s term ends, she should seriously take a shot at hosting a late night show. Read More