TLB Podcast - Andrew Santino The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #89: Andrew Santino is dying up here

The new season of Saturday Night Live is imminent and Matt and Mark talk about what the new season has to offer. There’s talk of the panel at NY Comic Con next week. Then guest comedian Andrew Santino joins us to talk about his career in comedy and his forthcoming Showtime series, I’m Dying Up […]

Robert Kelly - TST - Boston Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly’s “True Story” tour: What’s happening in Boston

This weekend, Robert Kelly’s True Story stopped in Boston for some sold out shows at Laugh Boston. Boston is Robert’s hometown so he and his opener Stavros Halkias hit some of his favorite local spots including a special Roast Beef spot. The Laugh Button is presenting all dates of the tour to give you a […]

Lisa Lampanelli Lisa Lampanelli

The Laugh Button Podcast #88: Lisa Lampanelli returns!

This week Lisa Lampanelli returns to the podcast to talk about her new play, Stuffed. Lampanelli also earns the distinction of being the first returning guest to the podcast. In addition to Stuffed talk, Mark and Matt talk about comedy tours and there are a lot of them. Most notably, Robert Kelly’s “True Story” tour […]

Robert Kelly - True Story - Vermont Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly’s “True Story” tour: Checking in from Vermont

Robert Kelly’s True Story tour is underway as the comedian hits the road with his opener Stavros Halkias. As previously mentioned, The Laugh Button is presenting all dates of the tour to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the tour. When we checked in with the comedians at their stop at Vermont Comedy Club they […]

Robert Kelly - TST Robert Kelly

The Laugh Button presents: Robert Kelly’s “True Story Tour”

People of Earth! We’re super excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with our buddy Robert Kelly to present his fall tour, the True Story Tour. We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. Not only is Kelly a kickass comedian, he’s also a friend of ours that’s helped us along the way for quite a […]

Daniel Sloss The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #87: Comedy legacies and Daniel Sloss

Mark and Matt geek out a bit about comedy, what makes some go down as legends and what makes some disappear into the annals of history. Comedian Daniel Sloss then joins us to talk about his rocketing career and how he approaches taking it to the United States. Rate, subscribe and tell your friends. New […]

Caleb Synan - TLB Podcast The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #86: About them roasts. And Caleb Synan

This week, the Roast of Rob Lowe happened, and well, Lowe isn’t the appearance everyone is talking about. Mark and Matt discuss the history of the roasts and try to determine what makes them best. Our guest comedian this week is Caleb Synan. He sits down and breaks down comedy, the best kind of interviews. […]

Gad Elmaleh Live On The Road

Gad Elmaleh is taking it to the states

Touted as the “Ben Stiller of France” and the “Jerry Seinfeld of French Comedy” Gad Elmaleh is arguably the biggest and most loved comedic star in France. Born in Casablanca, Morocco, he speaks Moroccan Arabic, French, English, and Hebrew. His new project “All in English” started in September 2015 sold out 10 nights at the […]

Foxworthy Cable Guy The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #85: Jeff Foxworthy and Larry The Cable Guy

This week on the podcast, we discuss the legacy of Gene Wilder upon the news of his passing. When someone great passes, it makes you remember just how good they were, even if you haven’t thought about them for a while. Then we welcome two absolute comedy legends onto the show – Jeff Foxworthy and […]

TLB 10 - Albums Features

10 Years of TLB: The 10 best albums from the last 10 years

The Laugh Button is celebrating 10 years of operation. During that time, we’ve witnessed some incredible moments in comedy. For the weeks leading up to our 10 year anniversary in October, we’ll be counting down some of our favorite moments as a site – live appearances, festivals, moments, interviews, podcasts, videos, and more. This week, […]