Red Fang Podcast The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #99: Witzelsucht with Red Fang!

What makes a memorable comedy movie? Well if you ask Mark and Matt it needs Scott Backula and Sinbad returning to college to play football. After that debate is settled they welcome Aaron Beam from hard rock band Red Fang onto the podcast as Bram Teitelman EIC of our sister site Metal Insider joins us. […]

Dan Schlissel The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #98: Dan Schlissel from Stand Up! Records

Thanksgiving is over and we have some announcements, we then reminisce about Patrice O’Neal on the 5th anniversary of his passing. Then Dan Schlissel, the founder of Stand Up! Records joins us on the podcast to talk about his career in the business and how he helped discover some of the finest names in comedy. […]

TLB 2016 Holiday Gift Guide Spend Money

The Laugh Button’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

This week marks the rush of holiday shopping season – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Black November. They’re all things used to describe the sales retailers use to get you to wake up way too early on your day off and go buy things. Hell, some even want you to go right after you’re done eating […]

Kurt Braounohler The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #97: The Kurt Braunohler experience

Mark and Matt welcome comedian Kurt Braunholer to the podcast. Kurt is about to release the double vinyl live album for Hot Tub, his long-running comedy show with co-host Kristen Schaal. We discuss his various projects, comedy, and just be delightfully weird with the man. Podcast #97 Show Notes – Patrice O’Neal breaks down Harrasment […]

Kevin Pereira - TLB Podcast The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #96: Kevin Pereira hacks our podcast

Ben Stiller, the guy has an impressive body of work, Mark and Matt feel his best work was either in Dodgeball and The Cable Guy. It’s been a week since the election of Donald Trump, Mark and Matt try to figure out how a new President will effect comedy for the next four years. Our […]

Robert Kelly - Grand Rapids Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly “True Story” tour: Grand Rapids, MI

Robert Kelly’s True Story tour rolls through Michigan with a stop in Grand Rapids and Pontiac. What happens when Robert and Stavros Halkias roll through town? Well it turns out some killer comedy shows and some even better eating.


Seeso’s first Stand-up Streaming Festival is officially underway

This post is in partnership with Seeso. Visit for a free 1-month trial, and just $3.99 a month after that. There’s no better time to dive into Seeso’s first ever Stand-Up Streaming Festival which is now officially underway. 90 comics in 12 weeks with 0 lines. Even though the fest has already begun, you […]

Shane Torres The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #95: Shane Torres hits the road

The Election is over and the world is still standing. Mark and Matt wonder how it will effect Saturday Night Live. Then, they discuss the Naked Gun movies, and how watching them as an adult nets different jokes than watching as a child. They then welcome comedian Shane Torres onto the show to talk about […]

Baron Vaughn The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #93: Baron Vaughn’s nerdy ways

Mark is back from his travels abroad and Matt fills him in on what he’s missed in pop culture while he was out. Particularly the recent reboot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that aired on FOX this past week. They then welcome comedian/actor Baron Vaughn to the podcast. Baron was recently cast as Tom […]