Norman Lear The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #92: Norman Lear, just another version of you

Mark is in Japan this week so Bram Teitelman, the Editor In Chief of our sister site, Metal Insider joins us to talk about comedy in politics. We also dive into the Spinal Tap lawsuit filed this week. Then, comedy legend Norman Lear joins us to talk about the American Masters PBS documentary, Just Another […]

Ahmbed Bharoocha The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #91: Almond Badoody with Ahmed Bharoocha

Mark and Matt both had an encounter with Steven Merchant this past weekend at NY Comic Con. The only problem is, Mark remembers it much entirely different than Matt does. While they don’t really come to a conclusion, they do recap the Superhero Fantasy Draft. Comedian Ahmed Bharoocha is about to release his debut comedy […]

Derek Waters Drunk History

The Laugh Button Podcast #90: Derek Waters returns! More Drunk, More History

Derek Waters returns to the podcast for another hang. We talk about what to expect in season 4 of his hit show, Drunk History which just premiered on Comedy Central. Waters talks about his diehard love for a good story, how the show has reconnected him with his childhood teacher, and who is still on […]

TLB Presents: Superhero Fantasy Draft 2016 The Laugh Button Presents

The Laugh Button Presents: The Superhero Fantasy Draft 2016 at New York Comic Con

We’re beyond excited to announce we’ve been invited to present a panel at New York Comic Con this year! So we sat down and decided that we needed to pit some comedians against each other and see who could come up with the best fantasy Superhero team and The Superhero Fantasy Draft 2016 was born. […]

TLB Podcast - Andrew Santino The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #89: Andrew Santino is dying up here

The new season of Saturday Night Live is imminent and Matt and Mark talk about what the new season has to offer. There’s talk of the panel at NY Comic Con next week. Then guest comedian Andrew Santino joins us to talk about his career in comedy and his forthcoming Showtime series, I’m Dying Up […]

Robert Kelly - TST - Boston Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly’s “True Story” tour: What’s happening in Boston

This weekend, Robert Kelly’s True Story stopped in Boston for some sold out shows at Laugh Boston. Boston is Robert’s hometown so he and his opener Stavros Halkias hit some of his favorite local spots including a special Roast Beef spot. The Laugh Button is presenting all dates of the tour to give you a […]

Lisa Lampanelli Lisa Lampanelli

The Laugh Button Podcast #88: Lisa Lampanelli returns!

This week Lisa Lampanelli returns to the podcast to talk about her new play, Stuffed. Lampanelli also earns the distinction of being the first returning guest to the podcast. In addition to Stuffed talk, Mark and Matt talk about comedy tours and there are a lot of them. Most notably, Robert Kelly’s “True Story” tour […]

Robert Kelly - True Story - Vermont Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly’s “True Story” tour: Checking in from Vermont

Robert Kelly’s True Story tour is underway as the comedian hits the road with his opener Stavros Halkias. As previously mentioned, The Laugh Button is presenting all dates of the tour to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the tour. When we checked in with the comedians at their stop at Vermont Comedy Club they […]

Robert Kelly - TST Robert Kelly

The Laugh Button presents: Robert Kelly’s “True Story Tour”

People of Earth! We’re super excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with our buddy Robert Kelly to present his fall tour, the True Story Tour. We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. Not only is Kelly a kickass comedian, he’s also a friend of ours that’s helped us along the way for quite a […]