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  • Attend a sneak peek at the new Adult Swim miniseries, “Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter” in NYC on December 3

    Neon Joe 2

    SPONSORED: Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter is an upcoming mini-series set to run for five episodes on Adult Swim, created by and starring Jon Glaser. It’s set to air each night beginning December 7 and will conclude on December 11. In celebration, Adult Swim will be hosting and presenting a Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter Premiere event in New York City on December 3 including a Q&A featuring Jon Glaser (Parks and Rec, Girls), Stephanie March (Law & Order: SVU), Scott Adsit (30 Rock), and Steve Cirbus (Delocated). As the story goes, Glaser arbitrarily paired two random pieces of clothing together and made a joke on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon about a fake show called Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter that did not exist or have any intention of existing. Adult Swim called him on it, and now it’s a real show about a guy who dresses in neon, hunts werewolves, and shows up to solve the case when a sudden plague of inexplicable werewolf fatalities strikes a sleepy little town in Vermont. Now is your chance to come see the results. Join the aforementioned participants for an early look at the first two episodes of the five-part miniseries at BAM Rose Cinemas. You can RSVP for free here. And if you don’t live in NYC, move here already… or at least visit on the 3rd. Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast #45: Don Jamieson terrorizing telemarketers

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    In celebration of Thanksgiving you get The Laugh Button podcast a day early this week. You also get the return of our Editor-in-Chief Matt Kleinschmidt, who is back with Mark for the news of the week as we ambitiously try to figure out the city of Hartford and Neftlix. The guest this week is comedian and host of That Metal Show, Don Jamieson who just released his new comedy album, Terrorizing Telemarketers, Vol. 6 with his TMS co-host Jim Florentine. It’s an action packed show for your long holiday weekend. Read More

    Hillary Clinton firing back against comedians, demanding jokes and video to be removed from web

    Hillary Clinton

    Whenever we asked comedians in the past if anything in comedy is “off limits”, its always been a mixed response. Half of them will say no, with the other half claiming yes. The argument being that you can always find the “funny” in any situation and circumstance whether it is tragic or not. In this case, politics. Political comedy has been around since the dawn of the first joke and “making fun of” or “poking at” politicians is nothing new. Well, it seems the times they are changing. With the rise of the internet and dominate streaming video services such as YouTube ruling the roost, these jokes can live forever in the internet graveyard. A politicians worst nightmare. Well, guess who’s fighting back. Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast #44: Sean Donnelly has a Manual Labor Face

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    This week comedian Sean Donnelly joins us to talk about his new album Manual Labor Face, his origins as a New York Comedian and how he’d do it differently, and some Saved By The Bell Trivia, all before letting us know what it was like to ride the bench of the basketball team his dad coached. Intern Will and Metal Insider’s Bram Teitelman join Mark for the news as Matt is picking out a bow-tie for his wedding. Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast #43: Hasan Minhaj from The Daily Show

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    Hasan Minhaj, is a comedian and correspondent on The Daily Show. He’s currently performing his one man show, “Homecoming King” in New York City. Hasan drops by the podcast to talk about performing this show. He also shares what its like participating on the political comedy process. Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast #42: Mark Lives!

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    Mark returns to The Laugh Button podcast this week after Matt was pretty sure he died somewhere in Europe. With Mark comes all the comedy news of the week, and there’s a lot. So much in fact that Mark and Matt dive right into it in order to cover it all. Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast #41: Take us down to Moonbeam City

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    This week for the news Matt welcomes Bram Teitelman, Editor-in-Chief of our sister site, Metal Insider. Bram and Intern Will sit in on the news because Mark is not present… he might be on a mountain somewhere. We then interview Scott Gairdner and Tommy Blacha, the creative team behind the awesome Comedy Central animated series, Moonbeam City to talk about the show’s creation and how it all came together. It’s a jam packed episode! Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast #40: The Nightly Show writers room

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    This week we drop by The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and have a conversation with the show’s writers and panelists, Mike Yard, Holly Walker, and Ricky Velez. We talk about the show, comedy, politics, and race. Somehow we end up talking about Mythbusters, which leads to conversation about Chris Rock hosting the Oscars and Mark and Matt get to the bottom of the accusations that Amy Schumer stole jokes from Patrice O’Neal. Read More

    Cool Thing To Buy this week: Wayne Federman “The Chronicles of Federman”

    iTunes | Amazon

    To listen to comedian Wayne Federman is like taking a history course on the last 30 years of comedy. The veteran has influenced countless comedians, so you’re fan of him whether you realize it or not. He’s evolved through the stand-up boom of the 80s and the rise of L.A. alternative rooms, and yet he’s always remained an innovator, creating game-changing material. Outside of stand-up, he’s appeared on television shows such as The X-Files, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Community, and The Larry Sanders Show. He’s also acted in movies like Funny People, Knocked Up, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. With such a storied career, it’s a great pleasure to welcome the arrival of Federman’s debut comedy album The Chronicles of Federman, which is now available to purchase on iTunes and Let’s unpack this gem. Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast #39: Kelly Carlin wrote a book about her dad

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    We celebrate 90 years of Lenny Bruce, discuss the recent events at The Comedy Store, and the return of Tracy Morgan. Then Kelly Carlin, daughter of the one and only George Carlin visits us to talk about her new book, “A Carlin Home Companion” about growing up with a legendary father. Read More