Chris Rock Doesn’t Like-Like Roman Polanski

I really don't understand most celebrities when it comes to Roman Polanski. I will say though, I think Whoopi Goldberg coined the cutest phrase with "rape-rape." The meaning is obviously horrible, but if it weren't for the word's awful connotations, that would be a really cute Wii accessory or something. Anyway, it's nice to hear […]

Dave Chappelle stops by the Improv Lab

Dave Chappelle was spotted last night in L.A. I missed him again. Maybe one day.
Comedian Andy Peters gives us the lowdown:
Here’s what happened:
I was there to say hey to MC Mr Napkins and amazIng hip hop based comedy act from Boston. He was billed to headline the Super Secret Comedy show at […]

Guess Conan won’t be visiting Newark anytime soon

Yesterday, we brought you news of the mayor of Newark, New Jersey placing Conan O'Brien on Newark Airport's no-fly list. Didn't you hear that Conan just hit his head, Mayor Cory Booker? Leave Conan alone (still a relevant reference)! But why am I defending Conan? Dude is more than capable of sticking it to Newark […]

Play South Park mega millions

You love South Park and you love games, and now you can enjoy both while you drive or perform neurosurgery with an all new South Park game for your mobile device. In South Park Mega Millions you get to control Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny as you help the boys survive a demented Japanese game […]

Joel McHale Sits Down with Comedy Icon Carl Reiner

I am really liking Community. Chevy Chase is in it, and he is pretty great. Did you know he was one of the founding cast members of The Chevy Chase Show? Joel McHale is in it too. Did you know he was one of the founding cast members of Spiderman 2? Here is a video […]

I wanna take this book behind the Middle School and get it pregnant

Tracy Morgan wrote a book! Awesome, I know. It's called I Am the New Black, and it's coming out next month. In the meantime, you can watch the book's trailer. You know which book didn't have a trailer? The Old Man and the Sea. Ergo, Tracy Morgan > Ernest Hemingway.

For more Tracy Morgan, watch him […]