Liam Comedian News

Dropping in on Liam McEneaney’s album release show

Last night, we headed out to Park Slope, Brooklyn to check out the album release show for Liam McEneaney at the Bell House. McEneaney is the ringleader behind the popular comedy show turned concert film Tell Your Friends! and some of his friends stopped by to celebrate the release of his new stand-up comedy album, […]

league Spend Money

Cool thing to buy this week: ‘The League: Season 4’

For many of you, last night “kicked off” your fantasy football league. Great! Another excuse to be distracted from work for a few months! Along with that, a new season of The League started on the new FXX channel on Wednesday. If you watched the episode asking yourself, “Who the hell is this guy from […]

lifeOnStage News

Cool thing to buy this week: Greg Fitzsimmons ‘Life on Stage’

It is always exciting to hear a comedian’s first one hour special. In Life on Stage, Greg Fitzsimmons steps up to the occasion and shows the talent that won him four Emmys as part of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. For those who are unfamiliar, Fitzsimmons’ hosts a popular podcast, voices in Dog vs. Cat, frequently […]

Airheads Spend Money

Cool thing to buy this week: Airheads on Blu-Ray

Remember when grunge rock was the bees knees? If you do, then you probably recall the cult classic, Airheads which was released this week on Blu-ray format! Adam Sandler, Bendan Fraser and Steve Buscemi star as an amateur band known as the Lone Rangers who sneak into a radio station to get their demo some […]

Cool thing to buy this week: Vegas Vacation on Blu-Ray

Time to relive all of the classic moments of the Griswold’s trip to the family entertainment capital of America, Las Vegas! The fourth title in the National Lapoon’s Vacation film series easily measures up to the previous but is not the last. There is a new film on the way featuring Ed Helms as Rusty […]

3rd Rock from the Sun Spend Money

Cool thing to buy this week: ‘3rd Rock From The Sun: The Complete Series’

Ready to relive the 90’s? This week you can pick up the complete series of the 8-time Emmy Award winning sitcom, 3rd Rock From the Sun on DVD! John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston, French Stewart and Joseph Gordon Levitt star as aliens who have been sent to Earth disguised as a human family to report life on […]

30Rock Television

Cool thing to buy this week: ’30 Rock’ season 7, the final season

This week the outrageous seventh season of everybody’s favorite TV series, 30 Rock hits stores! Though it is still sad that the show had to come to an end, and we think we gave the show the proper send off it deserved here, it doesn’t mean that you can’t relive all of your favorite moments […]