Kathy Griffin Books

Kathy Griffin lands seven figure book deal for celebrity tell-all

Kathy Griffin just landed herself a nice little deal as far as books are concerned. According to Deadline, “Griffin has made a rich deal with Flatiron Books for Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Index A to Z.” The book will focus on tidbits and personal anecdotes about celebrities. It’s what we’ve come to expect from the comedian […]

Bob Perlow Feature Features

Bob Perlow is The Warmup Guy

After Bob Perlow landed a job as a professor at a college in Boston, he started getting involved with improvisational comedy troupes and decided to head to Hollywood. First, he accepted a position as a tour guide, leading budget travelers all around Las Vegas and California. It was exhausting, but fortunately for him he quite […]

Michael Ian Black Navel Gazing Feature Features

Comedian and Actor Michael Ian Black releases memoir “Navel Gazing”

Today sees the release of comedian and actor Michael Ian Black’s new book entitled Navel Gazing: True Tales of Bodies, Mostly Mine (but also my mom’s, which I know sounds weird). Quite the title yes, and quite the read also. Whether it’s family history, religion, aging, or his parents, Ian Black always has something to […]

Amy Poehler Features

2015 in review: Top 5 best comedy books

2015 saw a lot of action in the world of comedy books. From illustration to fiction and memoirs to coloring books, this year brought us more than enough to read and we are still turning pages. As we do, we’ve gone through and picked out our Top 5. Never an easy task but it has […]

David Spade Features

David Spade’s book, “Almost Interesting” is so much more

“These are the stories I tell to my friends or at dinner when I’m drunk and everyone darts their eyes around and squirms in their chair hoping I’ll finish soon.” Spade explains this book best with that line. Like most autobiographies, Spade’s starts off with his crazy childhood. His dad moves the family to Arizona […]

Amy Books

Amy Schumer inks book deal reported at $8 to $10 million

It was bound to happen which will result in it literally be bound. The bidding war appears to be over and the going price landed in the range of $8 to $10 million. EW reports that editors had to offer a bid on the book to even get a meeting with Schumer. Talk about power […]