Joseph Vecsey Features

Center Stage: Joseph Vecsey

I was able to talk with Joseph Vecsey, an up and coming comic in the New York scene. Vecsey was a great guy that discussed his past and how he got to where he is today. Joe has opened for Godfrey, Donnell Rawlings, Jim Breuer, Susie Essman, and hosts The All Star Comedy Showcase at […]

Carl De Gregorio featured Features

Center Stage: Carl De Gregorio

Here he is, today’s man of the hour, Mr. Carl De Gregorio. Carl is an up and coming comedian who I had the privilege of catching up with. He’s a great guy with a hilarious sense of humor as well as a true appreciation for the art of acting. Carl got his start in the […]

William Kilmer Features

Center Stage: William Kilmer

Allow me introduce you to Mr. William Kilmer, an up and coming comedian from Auburn, Nebraska. I was able to catch up with William last Saturday. I learned a crazy amount about this guy, the quickest lesson being how passionate about comedy he is. He started in sketch comedy, but was finally persuaded by his […]

Steve Gillespie Features

Center Stage: Steve Gillespie

Hard work pays off especially when trying to crack into the highly competitive comedy scene. Steve Gillespie is officially releasing his first comedy album Stever Fever as pre-releases of this album have been on Pandora this past week. Hailing from Minneapolis, Steve quickly emerged as a fast-rising talent in one of the most competitive comedy […]

Bread Foster Features

Center Stage: Bread Foster

His style is raunchy, brutal, and quite frankly a little weird. However, it is this style that has allowed him to stand out from the rest. Bread Foster has a very scattered past that he often draws from, a past that includes him being homeless, beaten, and even molested. When asked about it bread simply […]

Andrew Lisa Features

Center Stage: Andrew Lisa

Andrew Lisa has an epic beard. Why do we mention this? Well it’s just something else that makes him more manly than us. Lisa walks a button-pushing, cringe humor line. Is it safe for everyone? Probably not. Is it funny? Absolutely. Lisa grew up in suburban New Jersey and attended college at Hofstra in New […]

Ray Harrington Features

Center Stage: Ray Harrington

Ray Harrington is a fan of marketing and burritos. I know this because we once sat down and ate burritos and talked marketing before he did a set in NYC. The New England native is also a pretty hilarious stand-up comedian and I’m sure he’d much rather you know this characteristic over the previous two. […]

James Adomian Features

Center Stage: James Adomian

Last summer Janeane Garofalo shot a “What the fuck?” face my way as we walked past each other on Second Avenue in Manhattan’s East Village. It wasn’t anything I was doing. The brilliant comedian James Adomian was shouting into my microphone with an intensity and hilarity reminiscent of a young Robin Williams. I was interviewing […]

Harvard Sailing Team Center Stage

Center Stage: Harvard Sailing Team

Harvard Sailing Team is a nationally-renowned “Ivy League” sketch comedy group that’s earned critical praise and been featured on national television. They also have a fanatic YouTube following. Things took off for the group with their their “Boys Will Be Girls” series of videos. They earned an MTV Comedy Award nominee for Best Original Viral […]

Center Stage: Axis Of Awesome

Axis of Awesome is Australia’s contribution to the comedy music scene. Whereas The Lonely Island might get away with hardcore raps and hooks sung by celebs, AOA get away with clever wordplay and pop parodies, tunes that would line up more with Flight of the Conchords or Tenacious D. In fact, if you imagine Jack […]