Now it's Dave Chappelle's turn to have a joke drawn by a comic book artist

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  • Now it’s Dave Chappelle’s turn to have a joke drawn by a comic book artist

    Dave Chappelle AnimatedA few weeks back, comic book artist Jaeil Cho drew out comic book storyboards for Louis C.K.’s famous “Why?” joke. Now Cho is back but this time he decided to animate another great Dave Chappelle and his bit about reading the book, The Secret.

    As the story goes, Chappelle was offered a lot of advice after his now infamous departure from Chappelle’s Show in 2004. One of those pieces of advice was to read the book, The Secret. Chappelle tried, and well, there’s no need for me to ruin the joke.

    Chappelle Animated

    Chappelle Animated

    See how they measure up.

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