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  • No, Amy Schumer didn’t steal Patrice O’Neal’s jokes

    Patrice and Amy

    Man oh man, the internet loves a great yarn. So quick to pick up on a story that’s potentially controversial and run with it like it’s gospel.

    That very thing happened to Amy Schumer this afternoon when a video clip surfaced that shows her performing her closing bit from her HBO special, Live At The Apollo this weekend. Intertwined with a bit that the late, great Patrice O’Neal performed at a Just For Laughs festival a few years back. Read More

    Pete Davidson reacts to Steve Rannazzisi’s fabricated 9/11 story on Opie with Jim Norton radio show

    News broke this morning that The League’s Steve Rannazzisi had fabricated a story about working in one of the Twin Towers on 9/11. The story is all over the place. This morning another comedian had responded the news and that is Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson. As many know, Davidson lost his own father on that day. This morning Davidson was on the Opie w/ Jim show on SiriusXM. Opie, Jim Norton, and eventually Elijah Wood analyzed Rannazzisi re-telling the story on Marc Maron’s podcast a few years back. Read More

    The Fat Jew speaks: “I should have been providing attribution for all posts”

    Photo by Tamara Beckwith (NY Post)
    Photo by Tamara Beckwith (NY Post)

    Over the last several months there have been a lot of hot button topics boiling to the surface in the world of comedy. From all things Cosby to political correctness commentary as well as safety in clubs to the most recent topic of joke thievery. Comedy has been leaking into mainstream media now more than ever. This all came to a head back on August 13 when The Hollywood Reporter released the news that Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jew, had signed a representation deal with CAA. This hit the comedy community hard as Ostrovsky had been repeatedly accused of stealing other comedians material straight up with no accreditation. By this time, it has been almost overly exposed through spreadsheets, side-by-side comparisons, as well as photo documentation. And you know once Patton Oswalt has something to say about it, changes will come. Oswalt himself has had his work lifted word for word that even included a mispronunciation back in 2010. Clearly there was no longer anywhere for The Fat Jew to hide. Well, Ostrovsky has finally come out to speak in response to the situation and here’s what he had to say. Read More

    Writer who accused Amy Schumer’s humor of being racist never actually saw her show or familiar with her stand-up

    Amy SchumerLast week, The Washington Post ran an opinion story about comedian Amy Schumer claiming her jokes were racist and that she had, “a blind spot around race,” after citing a Guardian article. This set the internet scrambling with reactionary pieces and Schumer ended up defending her jokes.

    Well, it turns out, The Washington Post writer who penned the story has actually never seen Schumer’s stand-up comedy or her TV show. Which, is kinda the worst thing one could do when it comes to researching a story. While we live in a time where journalistic integrity is not the highest, this seems like a pretty low hanging fruit-type of prep one could as they’re going to write something like this. Read More

    Unsealed 2005 deposition reveals Bill Cosby acquired drugs to give women for sex

    Bill CosbyDocuments have surfaced from an unsealed 2005 report revealing what’s been suspected about Bill Cosby for a long time. Under sworn testimony given in his first lawsuit against Andrea Constand, the comedian stated that he acquired quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with.

    The documents also state that Cosby’s lawyers insisted two of the accusers knew they were taking quaaludes from the comedian. While not a full confirmation of the rape allegations, it’s a big smoking gun and implies Cosby intended to at least attempt to alter the state of women before having sex with them. The current question is whether this was a voluntary or involuntary action performed by both parties. However, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. What we are sure of is that it’s definitely not helping the comedian in the court of public opinion, and its another in a long line of bruises to the shred of good-guy image the comedian has left and spent his entire career cultivating. Read More

    Amy Schumer responds to ridiculous racism accusations

    Amy SchumerThis weekend Amy Schumer took to Twitter to respond to an article in The Guardian that at the same time praised her but then declared that the comedian contained a “shockingly large blind spot about race.” Particularly singling out jokes she made about Latina women at the MTV Movie Awards and latest stand-up special. Adding onto a previous article calling her feminism into question.

    Never one to back down from critics, Schumer posted a lengthy response stating, “I am a comic,” adding “I will joke about things you like and I will joke about things you aren’t comfortable with.” Schumer ended the statement saying she has no plans to keep things safe and will continue the fight to treat all people equally, which when it comes to comedians means no one is safe from being made fun of. Read More

    Has Dane Cook been permanently banned from The Laugh Factory?

    Dane Cook

    It’s a story we’ve heard rumblings off for the last few days. That story is that Dane Cook has been permanently banned from The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Cook has been a constant at the club for a long time, performing there and drawing crowds during the club’s lean years and remaining a fixture ever since. Basically helping keep things afloat during the lean years. Because of this, he had a special relationship with the club and its owner Jamie Masada. The club repaid Cook with plenty of time on stage and what seemed like permanent promo on the club’s exterior amongst other perks. In many ways, it was the house that Dane Cook built, well at least for the last decade or so. Read More

    Watch the video of Ridiculous Six Native actors talking with producers on set of Adam Sandler’s film

    Vanilla Ice, Adam Sandler, David SpadeAdam Sandler’s latest film, Ridiculous Six, has been under a lot of scrutiny over the last few weeks. News had come out that Native American actors had left the set over what is being reported as offensive jokes and character names. Parts of the script that are under fire have also been leaked. And now this. Video obtained by Indian Country Today shows numerous Native actors on the set of the Netflix film (which Sandler co-wrote and is starring in) arguing with a producer, who has yet to be identified, as well as two crew members. Included in the discussion are these very said topics including the naming of one character, Beaver Breath. Also in the video, many of the actors made it clear they weren’t particularly happy with Sandler playing a faux-Apache and being portrayed as the film’s “hero.” Read More

    Chappelle has a bad night in Detroit and fans want their money back


    It was an interesting evening in Detroit this past Thursday for Dave Chappelle. He’s been on a tear as of late with sold-out shows all along his current tour. However, the second leg of a doubleheader during his two night stay in the Motor City left something to be desired. TMZ reports the crowd became disruptive and frustrated with the comedian as his slurry speech led to claims of Chappelle being too drunk to perform. Was it just a bad set? Was he drunk? Either way, the people are demanding a refund as tickets to the performance went for upwards of $240. You be the judge. As we all know in the comedy world, not every show is homerun. Roll the clip. Read More

    About Andres du Bouchet’s tirade about the state of late night comedy

    Andres du BouchetThis weekend comedian, and longtime Conan writer Andres du Bouchet went on a Twitter tirade about the current state of late night television.

    Du Bouchet was seemingly fed up with the scene and its very broad approach to what it puts on the air. Du Bouchet didn’t name names, but declared that current shows are chock full of pranks, nostalgia plays, celebrity sketches, karaoke, mash-ups, and hashtags… summing everything up by calling it “Prom King Comedy,” and stating “shove your lip-syncing up your ass.”

    Du Bouchet has since deleted his tweets which is chock full of NSFW language, but does he have a point? Read More