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  • The future of the “The Opie & Anthony Show” unknown, remaining hosts to return to airwaves

    The Opie & Anthony ShowOver the holiday break, the quick and speedy termination of SiriusXM DJ Anthony Cumia, of The Opie & Anthony Show left many fans scrambling to actually find out what happened and what the future of the show would be.

    Would the remaining hosts, Greg “Opie” Hughes and Jim Norton continue on the satellite provider without Cumia? Would they keep the crew intact and see what other radio networks were out there? Is a podcast possible? Web only? The people that know the future of the show are not talking… yet.

    We could speculate all we want but the truth is, we’ll have to wait a week to find out. Just moments ago, Opie Hughes Tweeted that he’ll be back on the air for the show next Monday (July 14th) with Norton to deliver whatever type of news we have for us about the future of the show. Read More

    Anthony Cumia fired from “The Opie & Anthony Show” over Twitter rant

    Anthony Cumia is out of a job for being assaulted?

    Just moments ago the SiriusXM DJ and co-host of The Opie & Anthony Show announced that the satellite radio company had fired him over an incident that didn’t even happen while on the job. As we reported yesterday, Cumia went on a scathing Twitter rant after being attacked in Times Square by an anonymous woman while taking pictures.

    Cumia announced the news this morning via the same Twitter account that started the controversy in the first place. Read More

    Anthony Cumia of “The Opie & Anthony Show” assaulted in Times Square, goes on twitter rant afterward

    Anthony CumiaAnthony Cumia is a bit pissed and he appears to have good reason to be.

    The co-host of the SiriusXM satellite radio show, The Opie & Anthony Show is no stranger to diatribes and rants that get him into hot water. However, yesterday he was assaulted and he didn’t hide his feelings about how furious he was about the situation. The DJ went on a profanity-laden rant about the attack and his attacker on his Twitter feed. Posting pictures of his attacker and arguing with followers for hours afterward.

    Cumia claims a woman approached and assaulted him while he was in Times Square attempting to take photos. The woman was caught in the frame and objected to being in Cumia’s pictures. That’s when the the madness began as the woman allegedly walked up to Cumia and began punching him. Cumia defended himself while she continued the attack. Words were exchanged and the incident ended, no police were around and no report was filed by the DJ. Read More

    Joan Rivers, “Kristen Stewart does a lot of sucking” and Jerry Lewis is an, “unfunny, stupid asshole”

    Joan RiversJoan Rivers was recently interviewed by Ron & Fez’s Ron Bennington for SiriusXM’s Unmasked. Rivers was interviewed for her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva.

    Rover’s book is a funny look at moments in her life as a diva, traveling, working, and living. In the book she (as expected) pulls no punches when talking about other celebrities. When Bennington asked Rivers about a possible lawsuit coming from Twilight actress Kristen Stewart, Rivers dismissed the young actress’ claims and mocked her recent scandal with a married man.

    Rivers also managed to tell Bennignton that she had no love for Jerry Lewis, calling him, an “unfunny, lucky, stupid, asshole.”

    Joan Rivers’ entire interview with Bennington will air on Saturday, July 12, at 7pm ET on SiriusXM’s Raw Dog Comedy Hits channel 99. Read More

    Katt Williams allegedly pulls gun on heckler at The Comedy Store

    Katt Williams has had his share of confrontational actions, from showing up hours late to shows, on stage meltdowns, challenging hecklers to naked fights, slapping a Target store employee, and a high speed tricycle chase all come to mind. But that’s been a while and he’s been pretty quiet this last year, presumably working on new material for a new special. But that special was just taped, and we guess now it’s time to cut loose again. This time Katt is accused of pulling a gun on a “heckler” at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Which, for the record, isn’t the first time Williams has been accused of pulling a gun on someone. Read More

    From Villain to Folk Hero: Ben Kronberg’s appearance exposes every flaw in “Last Comic Standing”

    Last Thursday the controversial stand-up/reality show Last Comic Standing returned after a 4 year hiatus. While the show provides a primetime stage for underrated and under-seen stand-ups to perform their craft on network TV, the show is controversial because it’s in competition format, reducing it to something akin to that of American Idol (that gem of show that produces the next big “stars” with the same effectiveness as the US soccer program).

    While the world is not free of the notion of comedy as a competition (festivals, shows, etc.), it’s a largely despised format that’s flawed logically for two reasons (that I feel like typing):

    1.Comedy is subjective. Purely. Even music is subjective but it can be judged to an extent on a well agreed-upon scale, such as pitch or tone by a ballpark majority of people. Not comedy. No one person, or three, can set a standard of, “This is what comedy is, this is good comedy, and this is bad comedy.” To do so discourages originality and creativity.

    2. The Panel of Judges: How do you establish someone’s credibility at judging a stand-up contest? Being a stand-up is a key element, but shouldn’t that person still be regularly flexing that skillset? Doing stand-up in the eighties and focusing the rest of your life in other entertainment mediums or nut farms dulls your perspective. Comedy is ever changing and what’s considered groundbreaking, edgy, hacky, etc. changes year by year. The people best suited to know what’s killing at the height of today are the people doing it daily (… probably). The people competing on stage might be better suited than the judges (with exception of maybe Russell Peters). But also, your credibility is subjective too. Again, that’s comedy in a nutshell: it’s subjective. Good comedy cannot be defined, it is in the eye of the beholder. Who is to say they are an authority on comedy?

    Ohh boy, enter Roseanne Barr in one corner… and Ben Kronberg in the other. Read More

    Joan Rivers will not apologize for Cleveland kidnapping joke

    Joan RiversJoan Rivers recently found herself in hot water for making a joke on Today about the women in Cleveland that were held captive for 10 years. While comparing her daughter’s guest room to the Cleveland basement where the girls were captive, Rivers stated, “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.” The moment she said the joke, it seemed everyone around her froze for a second in disbelief.

    People weren’t happy about the joke, however Joan isn’t worried about it. “I’m a comedienne,” Rivers told a Cleveland newspaper. “I know what those girls went through. It was a little, stupid joke. There is nothing to apologize for. I made a joke. That’s what I do. Calm down. Calm f*cking down. I’m a comedienne. They’re free, so let’s move on.”

    Rivers took it a step further telling TMZ that the victims shouldn’t complain, “They got to live rent free for more than a decade.” Joan continued on saying, “One of them has a book deal. Neither are in a psych ward. They’re ok. I bet you within 3 years one of them will be on Dancing with the Stars.” Read More

    Stephen Colbert finally, and brilliantly responds to the #CancelColbert Twitter controversy

    Last night Stephen Colbert addressed the incredibly misguided #CancelColbert hashtag flame war that erupted on Twitter this past Thursday. In a nutshell, a joke that the show made on Wednesday’s episode was taken out of context and posted online. Nearly a day and many reruns of the initial show later, the Tweet in question was made via a Twitter account that Colbert nor his staff don’t have control over (Comedy Central does) and never used. Hashtag activists picked up on it and decided that it was insensitive without knowing the full context of the joke Colbert made on the show and, boom! A 2014 internet controversy is born. Since last night was his first night back on the air since things went amok, Colbert laid it all out in his signature satirical style. Thus hopefully putting an end to any second rounds to the dance of the idiots. Read More