Mike Ward Features

Comedian Mike Ward ordered to pay $42K for offensive jokes

In the on-going saga where comedian Mike Ward has been on trial in Canada for telling jokes, took quite a turn. Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal has ruled that Ward must pay Jérémy Gabriel $35,000 for making jokes that “violated his rights.” The penalty? $25,000 for moral damages and another $10,000 for punitive damages. And it […]

Subaru and SiriusXM News

Subaru is censoring comedy for SiriusXM subscribers

Well, it’s not every day that we hear reports of car manufacturers are trying to make you not listen to comedy. Out near Portland, OR a broadcast journalist Vice Patton learned just that. Patton is a SiriusXM subscriber who listens to a lot of comedy. He’s also found that if he’s listening to something on […]

Margaret Cho Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho has a bad night of comedy in New Jersey, spars with audience

This weekend Margaret Cho had a string of stand-up shows at The Stress Factory in New Jersey. While most of the weekend went fine for the comedian, her final performance went a bit south. Reports are that Cho began discussing some taboo topics on stage, particularly homosexuality and rape. Taboo topics that a vet like […]

Amy Schumer Controversy

Amy Schumer addresses and defends herself against joke thievery accusations

With great success comes great criticism and/or accusations. That seems to be the case here with Amy Schumer. The truth of the matter that no single person can argue is that Schumer, in 2015, had one of the greatest years for any single person in comedy, not to mention entertainment. This was pointed out so […]

Patrice and Amy Controversy

No, Amy Schumer didn’t steal Patrice O’Neal’s jokes

Man oh man, the internet loves a great yarn. So quick to pick up on a story that’s potentially controversial and run with it like it’s gospel. That very thing happened to Amy Schumer this afternoon when a video clip surfaced that shows her performing her closing bit from her HBO special, Live At The […]