Man accused of stealing other comedian's jokes, gains huge Twitter following (poll)

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  • Man accused of stealing other comedian’s jokes, gains huge Twitter following (poll)

    Sam posted an article about a South Carolina minister named Sammy Rhodes aka @prodigalsam who has been accused of stealing jokes by many high-profile comedians like Patton Oswalt, Rob Delaney, Louis C.K., and John Mulaney.

    In fact, Rhodes has built quite the following on Twitter, gaining nearly 130,000 followers by taking the words of others and tweeting them as his own. The article also points out the existence of a Tumblr account that document’s Rhodes’ more questionable tweets. Looking over them there’s more than a passing coincidence in much of the evidence.

    The weirdest part of this story is how Rhodes thought nobody would notice the joke lifting. Mainly because he took ones from some of the most popular people on Twitter. It’s not as if Delaney and Oswalt aren’t huge on Twitter and followed by many. Granted, there’s sometimes obvious jokes that many come up with simultaneously but these seem to have stepped outside the realm of coincidence.

    Rhodes has issued a story about why he reposts tweets. However, rather than addressing the joke thievery, he more states why he decides to “recycle” and “rerun” his own material. He’s also since noted that he might slow down on his Tweets. But, as of the writing of this story Rhodes’ Twitter account now seems to have been deleted.

    In a follow-up interviewRhodes defended himself never actually stating he was a thief rather using phrases like he “covered” jokes when he first started off, pointing out the Rainn Wilson even defended him and that big time comedians like Oswalt attacking him is like Michael Jordan dunking on a 6th grader.

    Well, there you have it? Joke thievery or tribute. Here’s some evidence from the Borrowing Sam tumblr. Decide for yourself.

    Sam Rhodes 1

    Sam Rhodes 2

    Sam Rhodes 3


    What do you think?