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  • Season 3 of “Inside Amy Schumer” gave us judge, jury, and butts

    Inside Amy Schumer Season 3 DVD

    Inside Amy Schumer has officially been woven into the fabric that is not only pop culture, but political culture by flawlessly shining light on the hot button issues of today. Comedy more so now has become the gateway that allows us to tackle such issues reflecting back on society the truth of what really is in front of us. The need and timing for Amy Schumer and her voice, perspective, and show couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. With the release of season 3 right around the corner, let’s take a deeper look into what made this season so special and give you the inside scoop on all the extras included in the new DVD set. Read More

    Cool Thing to Buy this Week: ‘The Tick’ complete series on DVD

    The Tick on DVDLet’s go all the way back to 2001 when the live action version of the cult comic book and animated TV series The Tick was a thing. Airing on FOX on Thursday nights, the show that was less about action and crime solving rather more about the (sometimes lame) characters that put on the suits. It was loaded with cameos and even acclaimed director Barry Sonnenfeld directed the show’s pilot episode and he’s since gone on record stating it was the best thing he’s ever directed.

    Patrick Warburton donning the blue outfit and allowed to run amok for only 9 episodes still, to this day, seems unfair. The Tick was ahead of its time in some ways. The show was weird, smart, and funny. The perfect recipe for a cult following while also unfortunately the perfect recipe for cancellation. FOX pulled the plug on the show after just 9 episodes.

    Fan support was strong though and the entire series was released on DVD in 2003. But fast forward a decade and those have since gone out of print. Enter Mill Creek Entertainment who gained the rights to the show. They quickly ended the drought and re-released the complete series this week. Spend your money wisely. Read More

    Cool thing to buy this week: ‘Seinfeld: The Complete Series’

    Seinfeld Complete SeriesHave you been getting your Seinfeld fix by watching reruns on TBS? Then it might be time to invest in Seinfeld: The Complete Series. As the name suggests, this DVD set includes all 9 seasons of the iconic series about nothing created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. The series chronicled the lives and eccentricities of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, 4 friends barely getting by in New York City. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    With this set, you can binge watch the entire series and enjoy deleted scenes, bloopers and commentaries. You can pick up Seinfeld: The Complete Series here. And with the holidays coming up, it would make the perfect Festivus gift! Read More

    Bill Cosby’s ‘Far From Finished’ to be released on November 26th

    Bill Cosby: Far From FinishedIt’s been 30 years since Bill Cosby did a television special, and now thanks to Comedy Central, another one will be coming to TV later this month. Bill Cosby: Far From Finished will air on the network on Saturday, November 23rd. The special, directed by Robert Townsend, will come to Blu-Ray and DVD the following Tuesday, November 26th, and feature material not seen in the broadcast. That will also be the release date for the CD version of the special, which will come complete with two bonus tracks.

    A lot’s changed in 30 years, but Cosby’s status as one of the kings of comedy hasn’t. Already an extremely successful actor/host (I Spy, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids) and stand-up comedian by the time 1983’s Bill Cosby: Himself aired, the following year, The Cosby Show would debut and become one of the highest ranking sitcoms of all time. Since then, he’s continued to do stand-up, and Far From Finished was recorded this past summer at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles. He’ll be touring around the album, appearing through the Spring.

    You can pre-order the album and DVD/Blu-Ray now. Read More

    Cool thing to buy this week: ‘Modern Family: The Complete Fourth Season’

    Modern FamilyAs if the show hasn’t received enough praise already, Modern Family is now a four-time consecutive Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Comedy Series. The award comes just in time for the release of the show’s complete fourth season. This time around, the Pritchett/Dunphy family faces everything from house-flipping troubles to unwanted play dates to in utero karaoke. Matthew Broderick, Shelley Long, and Nathan Lane are among the many guest stars to look out for in this season.

    With season five kicking off tomorrow night at 9pm on ABC, now is the time to catch up on anything you’ve missed! You can pick up your copy of Modern Family: The Complete Fourth Season now. Read More

    You will see a lot of Jim Norton the next few weeks

    Jim NortonMost people like to think they are super busy, as I’m sure they are, however no one is as busy as this guy. Jim Norton has a new special Please Be Offended coming out August 20th, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Reddit on August 22nd at 11:30am, and finally a totally different special premiering on EPIX called American Degenerate on August 23rd at 10pm. Don’t feel so busy now, do you?
    Now, to go into a little more detail on each item, Jim’s Please Be Offended, drops August 20th on CD, DVD, and will be available for download. The show was taped in front of a live audience in Cleveland, Ohio. The show already premiered on EPIX a while back and get this, it was the highest rated comedy special premier in the network’s history! You may or may not have seen his public services announcements promoting Please Be Offended, but just to be safe, take a look. Read More

    Cool Thing to Buy This Week: ‘Community: The Complete Fourth Season’

    Sure this might be that season of Community without creator/showrunner Dan Harmon, and even if he has not yet watched it, that doesn’t mean the public didn’t think it was funny. The good news is that Harmon will be back for season 5, even if some of the cast won’t be. However, the fifth season is not the one that matters right now. It’s all about the fourth season hitting the market today (August 6).

    With any good news, there is always bound to be even better news. The better news is that you can save 59% on the fourth season of Community, that is a total of $27.03 off the listed price of $45.99. So if you haven’t taken a math class in about 10 years, we have done it for you and have saved you the trouble of figuring out that you will only be paying $18.96 for the 13 episodes surrounding Greendale Community College.

    Once you pick up season 4 here, the next thing Community fans can look forward to is season 5, which will air this fall. Read More

    Cool Thing to Buy This Week: Bill Bellamy’s ‘Ladies Night Out’ on DVD

    Ladies Night OutThe man who made the phrase “booty call” famous brings his uncensored comedy tour to DVD. This is the second consecutive year of the Ladies Night Out tour that features Bill Bellamy with special guests, Ali Siddiq, Jay Reid, and D’Lai. The tour is scheduled to air on Showtime later this year. Bellamy is already associated with Showtime as his very own comedy special, Booty Call, became one of the network’s top rated shows after his debut on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam. His official television debut came as a featured guest on Showtime at the Apollo, where he was able to not only win over the toughest crowd in comedy, but Russell Simmons and Bernie Brillstein as well, which led to the appearance on Def Comedy Jam.

    The DVD that spans just under an hour and a half in length, is available here for only $14.95. BUT, if you add about 10 bucks to your order, you get free shipping too. Doesn’t get much better than free shipping. Now I’m no lady, but I would imagine a typical ladies night out would cost must more than 15 bucks. So maybe instead of going out, why not have your next ladies’ night inside and enjoy some comedy from some of the biggest up and coming names in comedy? Don’t worry fellas, there is plenty of humor in here for everyone. Guy’s night to watch Ladies Night Out, anyone? Read More

    Cool Thing to Buy This Week: ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume: XXVII’

    The 27th DVD box set of the long-running series, Mystery Science Theater 3000, has officially been released. Some of the earliest episodes from the series will finally make their DVD debut on this four-disc set, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Volume: XXVII. Episodes include “The Slime People,” “Rocket Attack U.S.A.,” “Village of the Giants,” and “The Deadly Mantis.” The riffing throughout the film is sure to appease longtime fans of MST3K. However, if you’re not already a fan of the show, it may take some episode-watching to get used to this unique style of humor.

    This DVD set comes with special added features! There is an interview with The Slime People Star, Judith (Morton) Fraser. There is also a mini documentary (Chasing Rosebud: The Cinematic Life of William Alland) that showcases William Alland’s (Deadly Mantis’ producer) trajectory from his membership in Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater to overseeing numerous ‘50s sci-fi films for Universal Pictures. The extra “Life After MST3K: Trace Beaulieu” focuses on the voice actor/co-writer’s experiences as a children’s book author, a comic book creator, and a TV writer (for America’s Funniest Home Videos, might we add!) post MST3K. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a special introduction by Mary Jo Pehl, as well as the original trailers and four mini posters! Get your copy today! Read More

    Cool thing to buy this week: ‘Women Who Kill’ on DVD

    Women Who KillSounds intimidating doesn’t it? Well Amy Schumer, Nikki Glaser, Marina Franklin, and Rachel Feinstein are here to do just that. This isn’t one of those forensic files-type shows where you learn about a wife murdering her husband, this is a comedy special featuring 4 of the most talented comics out there murdering some comedy.

    Women Who Kill originally aired as a Showtime special a few months back. The DVD features the four knockouts in New York City combining for an hour of stand up and sharp humor that will leave you wanting so much more. Still not convinced? You can save a grand total of $3.01 and only pay $6.97 if you order right here.

    Saving money AND get to watch fantastic comedians make you laugh! How can you lose? Only if you don’t pick up the DVD. Read More