The Fartist eCard

Preview clips from Brian Posehn’s upcoming CD/DVD release, ‘The Fartist’

Metalhead/nerd/dad/comedian/comic book writer and all around fan of farts, Brian Posehn returns with the release of a new CD/DVD, The Fartist. What do you think the subject matter of the special is about? Well, farts silly. Not only farts but Posehn also tackles being a father and the trials and tribulations of growing up and […]

Mitch Fatel - Public Display of Perversion eCard

Mitch Fatel returns with the perversion on March 12th, listen to a track now!

Please view with IFRAME compatible browser We love to talk about sensitive topics and important social issues thus why we are excited to learn that Mitch Fatel’s new comedy album Public Display of Perversion will be released on March 12th. This will be his first new stand-up comedy album since 2007’s hit Mini Skirts and […]

Demetri Martin Demetri Martin

Check out material from Demetri Martin’s new special!

Please view with IFRAME compatible browserDemetri Martin will release his new stand-up comedy special Standup Comedian on October 2nd. This will come just days after it makes a premiere on Comedy Central on Saturday September 29th at 10pm. What can we tell you about Standup Comedian? Well, it’s going to be released on both CD […]

jimgaffiganuniverse eCard

Spend 10 minutes with Jim Gaffigan

Please view with IFRAME compatible browserJim Gaffigan’s latest stand-up special, Mr. Universe will be released on August 28th via Comedy Central Records. The landing page, has been set up where fans can gain access to 10 free minutes from the special in exchange for an email address. You’ll also have access to Gaffigan’s fall […]

Todd Barry News

Sneak A Peek At Todd Barry’s “Super Crazy” Special

Please view with IFRAME compatible browserIn a few days Todd Barry will release a new special called Super Crazy. He recorded the special in NYC late last year and will premiere on Comedy Central on July 21st then be available on uncensored CD and DVD on Tuesday, July 24th. You want a sneak peak? Of […]

Matt Braunger Shows Off His Shovel Fighting Skills July 17th

Please view with IFRAME compatible browserIn addition to being one of the top comedian sidekicks on TV Matt Braunger will premiere his one-hour stand-up special, Shovel Fighter next weekend (July 14th) on Comedy Central. It’s Braunger’s first hour special and follows up his tremendous 2009 album, Soak Up The Night. A few days after the […]

Gary Gulman Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman’s, “No Can Defend” in stores June 5th

We spent the morning listening to some Gary Gulman, and you know what? We fell like better people because of it. Gulman’s new album, No Can Defend was recorded a few months back in NYC. It’s also a pretty damn great reference to The Karate Kid (and not the one with Will Smith’s kid). It’s […]

hannibalburesslive Hannibal Buress

Check Out Some New Hannibal Buress Material!

Please view with IFRAME compatible browserWe mentioned earlier that one of our favorite comedians, Hannibal Buress will release a new stand-up special, Animal Furnace on May 22nd and the special will be televised on May 20th. Before that, you can preview some of the special right now. This weekend Hannibal also took home a Comedy […]

pattondvd Patton Oswalt

Watch a clip from Patton Oswalt’s new DVD

Patton Oswalt’s Finest Hour was one of our top CD releases of last year [TLB Review]. But it’s looking like we’re going to get another great hour out of the comedian as he’ll release the special on DVD on April 24th. The special will premiere on Comedy Central Saturday, April 21st then be released on […]

pftblast Paul F. Tompkins

Check Out a Clip From Paul F. Tompkins’ new stand-up special

On April 24th Paul F. Tompkins will release a new stand-up special on DVD. Tompkins titled the special, Laboring Under Delusions and judging solely by the first clip we caught, it’s looking like Tompkins is in rare form. The special will air on Comedy Central the Saturday before it hits stores on April 21st. Then […]