25 Captions of Christmas contest: December 24, bumping uglies

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  • 25 Captions of Christmas contest: December 24, bumping uglies

    25 Captions 2013It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! It’s the 25 Captions of Christmas. You write something funny, we reward it with free schwag! CDs, DVDs, books, download cards, posters, and other cool comedy things we’ve amassed in the TLB Towers this past year.

    Once a day until Christmas Day (see that’s where 25 comes from) we’ll post an awkward/insane/wtf?, holiday-themed picture for you to caption. Make it funny, make it serious, make it silly. Do whatever the hell you’d like to make it. We will read all the captions and our favorite one wins! We’ll announce daily winners via our Twitter and Facebook accounts. You send us your mailing address, we’ll send you a package of cool sh*t to either keep or re-gift to the comedy fan in your life. Either way, you’ll be a winner and the envy of all the kids on your block.

    You have 25 chances to win, a new picture goes live around 12 noon EST. The more you participate, the better your odds of getting cool things. It’s December 24th, Christmas Eve, so get captioning.

    Caption this and win

    25 Captions of Christmas - December 24

    Here’s just a sampling of the things you can win and we’re adding new things to it daily so keep playing.

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    Everyday life is funny and there are humorous gems found in our day to day lives.

    Potato Head

    Wow, it’s not everyday you see TWO virgin pregnancies!

    Potato Head

    It really is a marshmallow world in the winter

    Potato Head

    Here We Come A-waddling

    Rethink Plaid

    That’s one fine mango!

    Tyler Silva

    Chest-bumps for Jesus never really took off as well as we had hoped.

    Steve Plummer

    At least the kid will have normal parents

    Fred Simonton

    Him: “I bet she can feel my wiener!” Her: “I bet he can feel my wiener!”

    Arthur Timberlake III

    hey can you send me a friend request? I want to ask you about your business. I would like to know exactly what does your job intel.

    What do you think?