30 Reasons We'll Miss "30 Rock"

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  • 30 Reasons We’ll Miss “30 Rock”

    30 Rock

    For 7 years and 138 episodes Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Jack McBrayer and the rest of the 30 Rock entertained us. Tomorrow night the series will end its run and go quietly into the night. The idea for the show started off really different in Fey’s mind – she wanted it to be a news show with a conservative host (“Alec Baldwin if we could ever get him”) and she was the new producer assigned to right the sinking ship. While that initial pitch was rejected, Fey went back and re-wrote the show based on her experience as the first female head writer of Saturday Night Live and the characters that surround it. Baldwin agreed to the pilot and the rest is proverbial history, and also laid out in way more detail in her book, Bossypants. There’s also a really great history of the show by The AV Club.

    With the show ending, we thought we’d look back and pick out 30 trends, running gags, jokes, memes, catchprases, character traits, and clips that we will miss about 30 Rock.

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