30 Reasons We'll Miss "30 Rock"

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  • 30 Reasons We’ll Miss “30 Rock”

    11) The close SNL ties – Obviously there’s a tight connection to Saturday Night Live considering Morgan and Fey’s past and it being a behind-the-scenes look at a sketch comedy show. The show allowed for everyone from Chris Parnell, Jason Sudeikis, Rachel Dratch, Jimmy Fallon, and Will Forte.

    12) Liz’ Boyfriends and their fun names – Dennis Duffy, Floyd DeBarber, Wesley Snipes, Dr. Drew Baird, and Chris Chros. Not only were they as quirky as Liz, they usually had just as good punny names.

    13) Lemon’s Love for food – Yes, may I please speak to Pizza? Someone bring me some ham! Someone get me some Night Cheese! Or Mozzarella sticks! Who says I can’t have it all!

    30 Rock Pizza

    30 Rock, Night Cheese

    14) Homeless Hannibal Buress – What happens when you put one of your writers in a recurring role as a homeless man? You get funny moments with comedian Hannibal Buress showing up.

    15) …Or Donald Glover – Glover was a writer for the show before he left to star in Community. But it allowed for Glover to show up as a PA, a young Tracy Jordan dancing during the live episode, and a gay graduating student.

    16) Dealbreakers – No more relationship advice from Liz Lemon. Nor her own talk show about it. “S” that “D” shut it down!

    17) Cerie – While we’re at it why not toss in an extremely attractive young lady (Katrina Bowden) every once in a while? It not only makes people happy but allows for fun moments.

    18) The lost genius of Dot.com – Tracy’s security/entourage consisted of two men, Grizz and DotCom. They were good friends of Tracy who went everywhere with him and were often the ones able to keep track of all his quirks. DotCom was also a really smart guy who noone ever seemed to listen to.

    19) BlergAwe Blerg!

    20) It’s Original Songs – Where were you when you first heard “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” or the star-studded “Give a Kidney” song?

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