The 5 funniest Vines of the week: Sasso, D'Elia, Rex, Burt and Burnham

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  • Off The Vine: Sasso, D’Elia, Rex, Burt and Burnham

    Funniest Vines of the Week

    Some people are saying Vine is dead because of the new feature on Instagram that now allows users to post 15 second videos in the same fashion as they would on Vine. That won’t stop us though! Some of the most popular comedians on Vine posted their thoughts on their new social media competitor.

    Our first Vine comes from Will Sasso, who posts a Vine of his first Instagram video, claiming he doesn’t like how long the newest social media feature is because shots like this might become too awkward after a few seconds. Random? Yes. But funny? Absolutely! (The eye roll at the end is great).

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