Adam Levine hosted Saturday Night Live: He soft rocked us all night long

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  • Adam Levine hosted Saturday Night Live: He soft rocked us all night long

    Adam Levine on SNLOnce again we return to the scene of the sketch comedy crime. Last night Maroon 5 frontman / The Voice judge Adam Levine took over the hosting reigns in the Saturday Night Live studios. I have high hopes for Levine for he’s always been a good sport when he drops in on the show. He also seems to be down for anything and have a good sense of humor about himself.

    Any time a musician hosts there’s a 50/50 chance it could be something totally great or a total dud. Levine is the second (of 3 announced) this season and so far, we’ve only seen what Bruno Mars has in him and we all know how that ended. With Levine’s turn, they made for some “oh man!” moments with the return of Andy Samberg, star drop ins, and the return of The Lonely Island to the Digital Short.

    Was it an electrifying night? Not really! Levine was bland at best, many sketches were un-memorable, and the first time host made the tragic mistake many do; and that’s move between reading the cue cards and looking the person they’re acting against. Do one or the other, but when you jump between the two, it becomes an annoyance.

    Cold Open: Obama and MLK Inauguration
    The night started off fine enough with the expected political open addressing this week’s inauguration. This idea isn’t a bad one and its length was right. I’d also imagine this is what would happen had Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. been able to meet up with President Barry O. While the two might’ve talked about some serious social issues, the reality is probably would’ve actually had some Beyonce bro talk. The line “I gotta visit Cornell West and tell him to take it down a few notches,” should have gotten a bigger laugh than it did.

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    […] While we can only assume that Gaga will be in the video in some fashion, this wouldn’t be the first time the singer has teamed up with Lonely Island (thanks to her and Justin Timberlake, we learned about the golden rule in three ways). It’s also not the first time that The Lonely Island has popped up on SNL since Samberg left the show, debuting their song with Adam Levine during the episode he hosted. […]

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