Animation and Stand-up Comedy

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  • Animation and Stand-up Comedy

    Eddie Murphy AnimatedIt seems ever since the show Shorties Watching Shorties, animation in comedy is growing into a creative outlet for stand-up comedians to express their stories and experiences. By no means is an animator replacing stand-up comedian, it’s more or less complimenting the roles through a different digital landscape.

    The ability to provide graphic transformations for the audience or viewer can provide an exciting and unpredicted experience. The field of animation continues to grow as the approach to traditional schooling has also adapted over the years.

    Schools such as Columbia or Tribeca intertwine courses that include the art of animation in hopes of better preparing students for the real world of entertainment. In that world, there are cross channel collaborations which result in unorthodox forms of storytelling and jokes. Watch for more short animations to blossom in the near future as these funny cartoons provide quick hit humor in a visually captivating and easy to access fashion.

    Mike Birbiglia “I’m a Bear, etc.” – Comedy Central Records

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