Ben Affleck hosted Saturday Night Live: "It's been alright, I've had a lovely night with you"

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  • Ben Affleck hosted Saturday Night Live: “It’s been alright, I’ve had a lovely night with you”

    Ben Affleck - SNLBen Affleck was saddled with a big responsibility as the host of the final episode of Saturday Night Live season 38. Though it was his night to be officially inducted into the Five Timers club, there wasn’t much hoopla made about it. In fact, other members didn’t show up for the introduction like they did for Justin Timberlake a few months back. Rather a great Bobby Moynihan and Affleck’s terrific wife were on hand to celebrate the evening. The reason there wasn’t much made about Affleck was because the night belonged to Bill Hader and Seth Meyers, both of which have officially decided that Season 38 would be their last as part of SNL. Also, without it being said, it was a set up for Fred Armisen’s swang song as well.

    Affleck is hot off winning a best picture Oscar for the movie Argo and has really grown into his own as a director, it was perhaps this newfound skillset that has allowed him to realize what is needed and where, allowing for him to be well aware of the fact that it wasn’t necessarily his night and happily took a backseat to the other big moments unfolding. In the end he helped put out an enjoyable show that was funny, a celebration, at times sad, and complete 180 from last week’s surprisingly bad Kristen Wiig hosting turn.

    Top off the booking of Kanye West as the musical guest just a few weeks before he drops his 6th studio album Yeezus this June, the night couldn’t have much more anticipation and thankfully enough it delivered on all points. Writers, cast,Affleck and West all brought their ‘A’ game, and we got ourselves one of the best episodes of the season.

    Since Bill Hader is the consummate utility man, he would no doubt be put in situations where he could show off one last time. While it will hopefully not be the cavalcade of annoying returning charracters we saw last week, we’d most definitely see some of his favorites like Herb Welch and without a doubt, there was no way we would not get a sendoff for Hader’s most popular character Stefon. Fun fact for you, while Stefon did make his debut as the city nightlife correspondent on Weekend Update in 2010, his SNL debut was in a random and somewhat forgettable sketch in 2008 alongside that night’s host… Ben Affleck!

    This cold opening with Kenan Thompson as Al Sharpton was fun. Then again anything after last week’s abysmal opening is a welcome breath of fresh air. Thompson properly takes the piss out of Sharpton with the mispronunciation of words and the confusion with Senator Mitch McConnell with Mr. Alright Alright Alright himself, Matthew McConaughey. I also hope Bar-Grap-H becomes a thing too.

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