Bruno Mars Hosted Saturday Night Live: Double Duty

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  • Bruno Mars Hosted Saturday Night Live: Double Duty

    Bruno Mars pulled the double duty of both host and musical guest on SNL. It’s always a questionable move, very rarely do we get gold a la Justin Timberlake but more often than not it just ends up a muddled mess and the latter was last night. Mars freely admits during his monologue that he’s never done comedy before but hey! Let’s hope he pulls if off on sheer likeability right? I don’t know but there are plenty of funny people on this planet that can be tapped to host. And hoping a guy that can sing well is also funny more often than not backfires.

    All that being said, this episode was frustrating, mainly because aside from the triumphant return of Stefon (whose yet to not be funny) most of the show tried to rely on gimmicky things like “hey isn’t it funny when guys dress as women?” and “trust me! Yeti rape will be funny!”

    Mars was likeable enough and he tried, but he didn’t make me chuckle even once. For example, take the Pandora sketch. I have to give Mars credit for going balls out, but there was nothing funny about him. Those around him illiceted chuckles but not Mars himself. The rest of the cast was strong too, and a lot of the newbies even got their due but things still seemed off. Then there’s Tom Hanks, who was around enough that he mind as well just hosted the night and let Bruno sing a few songs and star in a few sketches. But what do I know? I’m no Lorne Michaels, I just run a comedy website and haven’t been doing this week in and out for 38+ seasons. But I do have to thank Lorne for when I saw the screen show up with who’s hosting November 3rd. I have two weeks to literally build an episode of SNL up so great there’s no way it will be as awesome in real life as in my head – which is full of many songs about why bacon is my best friend.

    Cold Open Debate
    I think I enjoyed the VP Debate better. Probably because Jason Sudeikis plays Biden so over the top, you’ll laugh. Sudeikis also plays a pretty mean Mitt Romney, which makes me wonder how many, if any cast members pulled multiple political characters during the same race in the past. And good on newbie Aidy Bryant for finally getting decent screen time and her first yelling of “Live from New York! It’s Saturday Night!”

    Here’s the part where Bruno Mars sings to us with the quick reveal about how he doesn’t do comedy. But here’s a performer, he can handle it. I also wonder how many times Bruno is going to sing in a sketch tonight.

    Brad Pitt Ad I
    The spoofs of those weird Brad Pitt Chanel #5 commercials are ripe for mocking. And Taran Killam has pulled off a solid Pitt in the past. So as long as these are quick and fun, I’m in.

    Though Bobby Moynihan looks hilarious in a dress I have beef with this sketch. Look, men dressed as women are funny! Right?

    Brad Pitt Ad II
    What else can Pitt sell? Why the Doritos Locos Tacos of course!

    Want to watch Bruno Mars impersonate Billy Joe Armstrong? Here ya go. As I mentioned before, Mars isn’t funny in this sketch but I give him props for pulling it off. Even though it’s just singing and singing is kinda his job.

    Sad Mouse
    This sketch is SNL moving on with Digital Shorts in a post-Andy Samberg world. Rather than go silly, they went a bit serious on this one. There weren’t many laughs with this short, rather it had a serious Louie kinda vibe to it.

    Bruno Mars “Locked Out Of Heaven”
    It should be no surprise that Mars looked most at home during his musical performances. And if you like his music, here’s your thing. I’m also not sure I want to live in a world where Tom Hanks has a mustache.

    Weekend Update
    Update was a quick blast of greatness that marked the triumphant return of Stefon. We all know by now that Bill Hader usually cracks doing this character, and who can blame him when he has to deliver the lines like “Nick Notle and Gabanna,” and “Sydney Applebaum”.

    Amusement Park
    This sketch was downright creepy when it was done with Jim Carrey but as you’d expect with Tom Hanks he brings some fun guy element to it with a perfect nod to is nice guy character at the end as he tries to cop a feel on Vanessa Bayer, who we didn’t seen much of this episode.

    Brad Pitt Ad III
    Brad is now hawking dog condoms.

    Wilderness Lodge
    Yeah, just yeah. I don’t know what happened here.

    Brad Pitt Ad IV
    Good call on putting this bit on last.

    Bruno Mars “Young and Wild Girls”
    More Bruno. I think this is a new song but I don’t care enough to research it for you.

    Underground Festival
    This send up always makes me smile. Why not get the spoofing in all year ’round and during the Presidential election. RIP Ass Dan and RIP Butt Dave.

    And that’s all we have folks. We’re taking a week off with the SNL recaps but will all reconvene in the beginning of November to watch Louis C.K. host it. Do it!


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