Center Stage: Andrew Lisa - The Laugh Button

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  • Center Stage: Andrew Lisa

    Andrew Lisa has an epic beard. Why do we mention this? Well it’s just something else that makes him more manly than us. Lisa walks a button-pushing, cringe humor line. Is it safe for everyone? Probably not. Is it funny? Absolutely.

    Lisa grew up in suburban New Jersey and attended college at Hofstra in New York. He cut his teeth first as a columnist for a local newspaper. He quickly got syndicated through Gannett News Service making him one of the service’s youngest syndicated columnists with his words being published in papers across the country.

    While in New York Lisa wrote/edited sections for the paper amNew York and began to produce a weekly stand-up show in Greenwich Village. Lisa honed his stand-up act in the very New York clubs so many legends of comedy did before him.

    In the beginning of 2012, Lisa moved to Los Angeles and quickly became a regular at the Garrett Morris All-Stars Show as well as a finalist in the 9th Annual Funniest Comic in LA contest. He is currently the host of Host of Rollin’ on Shabbos Saturday nights at the Hollywood Hotel in addition to hosting/creating the web series How Much Time I Got Left Up Here!?!

    If you aren’t in the part of the country where you can see Lisa live, you can read his words on America’s Comedy or catch him as a regular on the award-winning Jersey Jerks Show, a weekly live web show/podcast that is part of The Riotcast Network.

    Find out more information at as well as on Twitter @AndrewScottLisa.

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