Center Stage: Bread Foster

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  • Center Stage: Bread Foster

    Bread FosterHis style is raunchy, brutal, and quite frankly a little weird. However, it is this style that has allowed him to stand out from the rest. Bread Foster has a very scattered past that he often draws from, a past that includes him being homeless, beaten, and even molested. When asked about it bread simply says “I don’t need sympathy… a billion other people have had it harder… I don’t have a victims mentality about it.” Yes, this article has gotten real deep, real fast. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, Bread has kept a upbeat mentality. “I’m not getting made fun of today. I learned to defend myself and a lot of my wit comes from that.” I asked Bread if it’s weird to make jokes about such a rough beginning, “No way, it’s making people laugh about the way I see the world.” Bread said “My favorite was having people laugh at one of the times I was molested by another kid, I could watch the chill creep up peoples spines before they laughed… I’m going to wake up tomorrow no matter what (I’m actually a immortal highlander) so I might as well work my ass off.”

    Bread first got on stage when he was 17, however, after a “savage beating” he stepped away from comedy for a few years. It wasn’t till he was 23 that he created a twitter account that seemed to take off immediately. Less than a year later Bread was back on stage opening for a popular “underground” comedian. After Bread had a falling out with that comedian, he went back to his roots and began doing open mics again.

    “I’m not okay with others making money off my bringers, so I started producing my own shows” Bread said. He now produces his own weekly shows.”Punch Drunk” takes place every Friday at midnight at The Stand Comedy Club. Furthermore Bread produces “No Apologies” at Gotham Comedy Club starting March 26th. In his second year back to stand up comedy Bread has already preformed with the likes of Jim Gaffigan, Dan St.Germain, Travon Free, and Nikki Glaser. He has also preformed at Gotham Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Greenwich Comedy Club, The Stand Comedy Club, and The Stress Factory.

    You can see Bread preform at his newest show “Punch Drunk” starting this Friday at The Stand Comedy Club. Get tickets here.

    To see Bread in action:


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