Comedians in music videos

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  • Comedians in music videos

    Comedians In Music Videos

    Patton Oswalt appears in the The Coup’s video for “Magic Clap” which has him mouthing and acting out the video word for word as he hangs out on, behind, and in front of a leopard print couch. It’s a pretty simple video made fun by Oswalt’s presence. The comedian even Tweeted that The Coup are one of his favorite bands.

    While Oswalt is the latest comedian to follow a really terrific trend of comedians popping up in music videos, it’s not really that new a phenomenon. In fact, it seems funny people have been doing so ever since the music video rose to prominence in the early 80s.

    With that in mind, we compiled a list of some of the most memorable comedian starring roles and cameos in music videos. We purposely left out all comedians that are predominately music acts and their own videos like The Lonely Island, Flight Of The Conchords, and Tenacious D. But that doesn’t mean they can’t appear in other people’s videos.

    The Coup – “Magic Clap”
    Starring: Patton Oswalt

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    You forgot Sarah Silverman in Steel Panther’s “Death to All But Metal”

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