Don Jamieson Twitter reviews ‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4:7

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  • Don Jamieson Twitter reviews ‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4:7

    Don Jamieson Twitter Reviews The Walking Dead

    Comedian and That Metal Show co-host Don Jamieson has never seen an episode of The Walking Dead, but that’s not stopping him from reviewing the show – based solely on Tweets from people that are watching it. In his words “From what I understand via social media, this is an extremely popular show. I have not ever and will not never watch one frame of it. I am anti-pop culture. I listen only to heavy metal, the last TV series I followed was All In The Family, and Vincent Price is my favorite new actor.” He’ll be recapping other peoples’ 140-character recaps here every Monday.

    Season Four: Episode Seven (Original air date: November 24, 2013) “Dead Weight”

    On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Lesbian action, a mud pit full of walkers and “hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband cause the Governor killing errybody up in here!”

    TWD viewers were fired up this week. One girl tweeted: “Yeah, The Governor is a murderous psychopath but he’s a damn fine murderous psychopath.” I used to say the same thing about Ted Bundy. He could’ve been a leading man in Hollywood if it weren’t for that whole murdering dozens of women and having sex with their corpses thingy. Some weren’t having it though. One guy tweeted: “I’ve had enough of the Governor. We already know he’s a psycho murdering sack of shit.” Same feeling I have watching the George Zimmerman coverage. Another said: “It’s hard to lead when you slaughter all of your followers.” Which is exactly what I told the Reverend Jim Jones just before I left Guyana in ‘78. Phew that was a close one.

    One guy who really should’ve been watching Peyton Manning & the Denver Broncos taking on Tom Brady & the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football wrote: “And there I was thinking the Gov was becoming a nice guy.” How many times does someone have to act like a dick before you realize they’re just garbage? Can any Alec Baldwin fans answer that? “The Gov is CRAY.” I have no idea what that means but I used to like that guy Robert Cray. Remember him? He had that song ‘Smoking Gun’ that was big on MTV. He should’ve been the next Eric Clapton. Now that guy was CRAY.

    Somehow The Governor became “One-Eyed Bri” this week. I for one don’t think that’s very funny. That’s almost as offensive as calling your football team the “Redskins.” Hey AMC, don’t be surprised if you see me and an army of one-eyed people picketing outside your headquarters. Acquired monocular vision is no laughing matter. One viewer warned: “Do not, under any circumstances, play golf with the Governor.” Really? A guy with one eye? That’s like playing a one-armed dude in billiards. I’m taking that bet every time.

    And while many viewers were excited about the new lesbian storyline there were some complaints about the TWD women.
    One viewer who obviously skips school regularly tweeted: “It’s like TWD is not even trying to create female characters who’s not stereotypes.” Kind of like not even trying to create a sentence with proper grammar.

    Another wrote: “There have never been more blah female characters on TV. Ever.” Really? Ever seen an episode of the The Talk? Finally one despondent fan wrote: “TWD is really starting to lose me. They have so much potential and just keep sucking more and more. This needs to be fixed soon.” Try being a NY Giants fan.

    After next week’s episode I think there’s a break for a few months until new shows start again. My friend Brad said all their viewers will spend their time on message boards talking about their TWD action figures, bragging about their high scores on the TWD video game and creating stupid TWD memes. So when you’re in there chatting and some dick starts posting about what dorks you guys are…that will be BRAD. I’ll be honest, I’m so excited I CAN’T WAIT to not watch next week’s mid-season finale!

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