Dropping in on Rachel Dratch's SiriusXM "Unmasked" interview

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  • Dropping in on Rachel Dratch’s SiriusXM “Unmasked” interview

    Rached Dratch Unmasked

    How can life be totally draining and rewarding? It starts with, “Girl Walks Into A Bar…”

    Rachel Dratch sat down with Ron Bennington yesterday for first recording of the Sirius XM’s Unmasked series. Rachel has been involved with countless movies and TV shows, but today she was here for another reason, her new book, Girl Walks into a Bar…

    The book chronicles her life, from dating different addicts, making it to Saturday Night Live, and even having an unexpected baby. Rachel talks about the book being good for everyone, there’s comedy for the guys and drama for the girls. She goes further discussing watching SNL for the first time when she was in 3rd grade, her favorite star being Gilda Radner. These are only Rachel’s grassroots, in her book she conveys the many different experiences she went through. As Ron put it, at times nothing was happening, and at other times, too much was happening! Rachel agreed with that point especially, saying SNL was the greatest show to be a part of and a huge nightmare at times because of the stress.

    Throughout the book you will find a lot about Rachel and her hardships. She was rejected from SNL then hired two weeks later. She went through the peeks and valleys on the show (remember Debbie Downer?) for seven years before leaving, a little drama hit when Tina Fey dropped Rachel from 30 Rock. Now Rachel has been in numerous movies and just had a unexpected child. Talk about a roller coaster. Check out the interview and pick up your copy of Girl Walks Into a Bar! You’ll thank us, here at laugh button, later.

    SiriusXM’s Unmasked with Rachel Dratch will air today (2/8) at 2pm on The Opie & Anthony channel and tomorrow at 8 pm on Raw Dog Comedy.

    Rachel Dratch Unmasked

    Rachel Dratch Unmasked

    Photos: Maro Hagopian

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