My Favorite Sketch: Human Giant “Catching A Predator”

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  • My Favorite Sketch: Human Giant “Catching A Predator”

    MTV is normally the last place you’d look for good sketch comedy. That’s why it’s pretty astonishing that Human Giant (which first aired on the music channel in 2007) was as funny as it was. Starring comedy favorites Rob Huebel, and a pre-Parks and Recreation Aziz Ansari, and pre-The League Paul Scheer. The show featured many skits and/or characters the trio performed together in the NYC comedy scene.

    While Human Giant had a fair amount of guest appearances from familiar faces, watching the three of them on screen together was a key ingredient to the show’s greatness. An example of this can be seen in sketches like “Catching A Predator,” featuring H. Jon Benjamin, (who appeared in many sketches). As if a shirtless Huebel with a pedophile mustache wasn’t funny enough, seeing Ansari in little bo peep-inspired garb is a sight to see.

    The show only lasted two seasons and was given a 24 hour MTV marathon due to Ansari’s new commitments to Parks And Recreation. Apparently though, MTV has left the door open for the show to return and there’s even been movie rumors. Fingers crossed the three take up on those offers up at some point.

    If you have a favorite sketch that we should check out, tell us about it in the comments.


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