The Grammys Need Comedy: "In God We Rust" by Lewis Black

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  • The Grammys Need Comedy: “In God We Rust” by Lewis Black

    Grammy - Lewis BlackThe 55th Grammy Awards take place Feb. 10 at Staples Center in Los Angeles and allegedly the comedy segment will not be televised. What bullshit! The six badass comedians who are nominated for the Best Comedy Album include Jimmy Fallon, Margaret Cho, Lewis Black, Kathy Griffin, Jim Gaffigan and Tenacious D. These artists are leading the next wave of comedy, making millions laugh, yet the snobs at CBS are choosing not to air the comedy portion of the Grammys. Screw you man, or woman. Screw you both equally!

    Each day leading up to the Grammys we are providing breakdowns and our favorite moments each nominated comedian’s albums. If you haven’t heard their newest album, don’t be scared. In each post we will provide links to free videos and songs from your favorite funny people.

    Lewis Black - In God We RustLewis Black
    In God We Rust
    Comedy Central Records
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    In The 55th Annual Grammy Awards, Lewis Black is nominated for Best Comedy album for his stand-up special In God We Rust. He says what you want to hear after a hard day of work and shares common irritations or grievances. His style is a form of release that audiences adore and feed off of. He helps shine the way as we travel through this dark, dirty world together.

    Dressed more like a depressed accountant than a decorated stand-up comedian, Black brings his unique angered style to the stage. His comic persona magnifies the average guy and the many possible rage buttons which are hidden inside each and every person. He attacks the specifics in current affairs while unveiling ways to survive the status quo.

    In God We Rust exceeds all expectations from our flustered friend. His stand-up special is an angry evening filled with directed rants from all aspects of life. From life in a small town to big government agendas, Black gives his audiences direct insights to what makes him tick.

    Black gets annoyed at all things in life. From technology to politics and from baby boomers like himself to younger generations he interacts with, no topic is off limits for Black. We are happy for his strong cardiovascular health as he is filled with such a powerful rage to entertain.

    Most of Black’s followers know him from his many appearances on The Daily Show where he also provides a maddened point of view. From television to live shows, Black’s comedy routines usually transforms from sober statements and observations to enraged punch lines that punctuate his point. His angle on life and energy during performances are two attributes we respect most about Mr. Lewis Black.

    Like Lewis, we always wondered what could and could not be grown on the application Farmville.

    Wendover, Nevada is a place where Lewis Black and received a rude welcoming.

    Lewis Black discusses ways that states could lose their statehood by having bad politicians.


    […] Old Yeller special is set to premiere on May 2nd at 10pm and, as expected, it sounds hilarious. Lewis is said to touch all sorts of topics from politicians to married people to humanity’s basic stupidity. Keep in mind, Black is no rookie and his last special, In God We Rust almost won a freaking Grammy! […]

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