Jamie Foxx hosted Saturday Night Live and returned to his sketch comedy roots

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  • Jamie Foxx hosted Saturday Night Live and returned to his sketch comedy roots

    Jamie Foxx is making the rounds to promote his new movie Django Unchained. The latest from Quentin Tarantino opens on Christmas Day and stars Foxx as the title character that goes around bounty hunting. Long before Foxx was starring in movies and winning Academy Awards he was making his bones doing sketch comedy and, might I say doing it well. We all know that Foxx rose to fame on seasons 3-5 of In Living Color. So calling him up to host SNL gives him the chance to return to his roots.

    Upon hearing that Foxx was going to host the show, my initial thought was “oh he’ll be great!” But if you happened to catch just the first 30 mins of last night’s episode, you might’ve been scratching your head a bit wondering what happened? But sweet shi*t did the show do a 180 after Ne-Yo’s first performance.

    Mainly because the show started off pretty samey – political opening, monologue with a musical number, and the recurring J-Pop sketch. Woo! But then Foxx, who appeared in every sketch he could pulled things around. But it wasn’t from his sheer tenacity rather the fact that we caught on that he was excited to be there, hitting moments when he needed to and surprisingly enough, having a few line stumbles/breaks that made certain parts more enjoyable. Let’s run the recap.

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