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  • John Oliver’s 10 best moments as interim host of ‘The Daily Show’


    John Oliver Daily Show

    Last night John Oliver bid adieu as the guest host of The Daily Show, a spot he’s held since mid June as he took over for the show’s regular host Jon Stewart who was overseas to direct a film he wrote. While we all knew it would be difficult take over for Stewart, a master in the hotseat, many of us were pleasantly surprised at how quickly Oliver acclimated and became natural at the helm. It took only a few shows before he was an old pro at the spot. In fact, the only real weakness Oliver had in comparison was really in the interview block. While Oliver pulled off very passable and delightful interviews with great guests, they lacked well-read, great follow-up question, nature Stewart gives off. Something one can only gain from 16 years of nightly interviews. So it’s not that big a criticism really.

    Oliver proves The Daily Show can survive without Jon Stewart, whose contract expires in 2015. If by that time Stewart desires to move onto something new and write/direct films as his furlong suggests, Oliver could very well fill the spot. His matriculation wouldn’t be as severe because there would be no pressure or comparisons, mainly because there was a test and Oliver passed. Hell, why not give him his own show that follows Colbert? Hell, Oliver/Hardwick for the second late night hour I say!

    So as Oliver signed off for one final time last night, having some some former correspondents even return to send him off, we take a look back at some of our favorite moments from the summer of John Oliver.

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