Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live: Let's laugh at his pain

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  • Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live: Let’s laugh at his pain

    Kevin Hart - SNLA few thoughts about Kevin Hart hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live. First, I’m going into this excited to hear that Michael Che and Edi Patterson were guest writers on this week and next week’s episodes of SNL. It’s not the first time there’s been guest writers but perhaps the young comedians would bring fresh ideas to tonight’s ep.

    Second, Kevin Hart is the second stand-up comedian to host the show this season. Like Louis C.K. earlier this year he’s currently at the top of a comedy empire he built from the ground up, including stand-up albums and movies making him wildly popular. He’s also no stranger to making fun of himself as evident in the films he’s been in. He’s also high energy. Because of this, he’s a great call for a host of the show.

    Hart gelled well with the cast, and minus some rushed lines that caused him to fumble a bit (which he still charmingly pulled off), he did well. With that being said, the night was loaded with fresh sketch ideas, but many had little payoff, and some even just ended. An action that isn’t bad if things start to meander into the 4-5 minute zone. In fact, the sketches were quick leaving literally the monologue as the longest moment of the night.

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    One of my least favorite episodes. Next to the Beiber one


    I think this episode was very weak, especially for a comedian. The main faulty I see is that the sketches didn’t seem to have an end. Steve Harvey, Pope, and 360 News just didn’t seem to go anywhere or escalate. for example, Shark Tank would have been better suited to have a couple more “inventors” come out with increasingly ridiculous ideas until they reached some ending. But no, it just ended. also, I get a little tired of black hosts always having to do the racist bits like in The Walking Dead and “Really” – it’s predictable and Jamie Foxx already did it this season. Overall, nothing ever built to anything.

    What do you think?