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  • The Laugh Button Guide To New Fall Television Comedies


    Last Man Standing – ABC
    Premiers Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm

    This is just a weird story how this sitcom came to be. America launched pretty intensive (and sometimes misguided) campaign to lobby for Tim Allen to return to television. A Facebook group with millions of likes, Home Improvement flash mobs, and even some hassling of Al Borland himself Richard Karn to make it happen. ABC obliged and started working on a new sitcom with Allen. The plot of the show drops Allen’s character into a house full of women, wondering whatever happened to men. So expect lotsa Tim Allen trademark grunts and manly things going on in the name of reclaiming dude-itude.

    OUR CALL: If the millions that organized to put Allen back on the air come out and actually watch the show, it could be a monster hit for ABC. But there’s not much of a chance it will have edge and be pretty sanitized for the 8pm timeslot. We’ll probably watch the first few episodes and then ask, “Really? That show is still on the air?!” six seasons later after we stopped watching it.

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