The Lonely Island, 'The Wack Album' (review)

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  • The Lonely Island, ‘The Wack Album’ (review)

    The Wack AlbumThe Lonely Island are back with their third (and most Wack) album. Believe it or not, they have a lot to prove this time around. Mainly because the trio is without the juggernaut of Saturday Night Live behind them for the promotional push on a near weekly level. The trio departed the sketch comedy institution and a huge arena of exposure to their music went with it.

    With the release of The Wack Album they’d have to bring it and bring it big. They replaced their weekly exposure on television with “Wack Wednesdays,” teasing nearly every big track from the album on a weekly basis leading up to the album’s release, making for appointment visits to tease the album. Smart marketing but not surprising for the group. Since the beginning, The Lonely Island has known how to interact with its fanbase.

    From the beginning of The Wack Album intro we’re set up for something epic – well that’s if The Lonely Island were a serious group but this is the fake joke comedy rap game. So it highlights the group’s ridiculous highs and lows of the last few years. Recalling more the credit roll to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure than something to tout. Totally intentional and it works.

    The album’s first song, “Go Kindergarten” serves as the launch to more of the same Lonely Island we get every time, consistent beats, better-than-they-should-be lyrics about a ridiculous concept, with a celeb or pop star cameo. If you’re a fan of The Lonely Island already, life is good. Ladies whip your d*ck out, don’t ask how, just figure it out.

    As with other Lonely Island albums, the guest stars are always surprising. Mainly because you still wonder how they managed to get certain A-listers to participate in the lunacy. But since the trio has its thumb on the pulse of what the youth likes, celebs appearing on TLI album or videos is tit for tat. Hugh Jackman singing on a track about boobs hanging out? Sure! Why not? In The Lonely Island’s world it’s not even the strongest song on the album. Other notable appearances include Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Kristen Wiig and Pharrell Williams. Their musical pals Justin Timberlake and T-Pain also return to the Lonely Island to play around once again.

    As with previous efforts, we’ve been exposed to some songs/videos via SNL – “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” (with Gaga and Timberlake) and “YOLO” (with Lamar) both showed up as Digital Shorts and are some of the stronger tracks on the album.

    While this album has them, the skits and billed “songs?” are a bit lackluster, the actual songs are of the utmost quality in the fake rap game. It has strong tracks like “Diaper Money,” and “Spring Break Anthem” and “Spell It Out” (it’s because what they spell) that really stand out. Another strong track on the album is “Semicolon” with the calming smooth of Solange vocals ironing out the clever wordplay of the trio.

    Perhaps the funniest tracks on the album is the final one, “Perfect Sunday” which falls directly into the humor of Andy Samberg playing off more as a musical sketch set to LA g-funk than a song, setting up for one of the albums best and only fart joke. It also rivals “Incredibad” for best final TLI track on an album.

    All in all, The Wack Album is another great addition to the already hilarious catalog of The Lonely Island. It holds up to multiple listens and reveals more absurd lyrics with each listen. If you found yourself a fan of the trio before, this is absolutely something you shouldn’t miss. If you’ve never liked The Lonely Island, chances are this is not going to change your mind. However, with a group that garners millions of views on its material as soon as it goes online, you might be one of the few that doesn’t.


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