Martin Short hosted Saturday Night Live and brought along a lot of friends

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  • Martin Short hosted Saturday Night Live and brought along a lot of friends

    Martin Short SNLThe Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live is always a great one to tune in for. It’s usually a very festive with 30 Rock decked out to the nines with holiday cheer and usually allows for many guest drop-ins and former SNL cast members showing up.

    Martin Short’s relationship goes back far with Saturday Night Live. Coming on in the show’s 10th season to replace the departing Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy killing with impressions and some original characters, including Ed Grimley which he brought over from his SCTV days. Short has the entertaining duties down. Add onto musical guest Paul McCartney who can handle the stage and the pieces for a good show are in place.

    For the second time this season, Saturday Night Live is charged with presenting a live show after a serious disaster. Earlier this year when Louis C.K. had to follow-up the destruction of hurricane Sandy and last night having to follow up the horrific Friday shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary (btw, is it possible to never utter the name ‘Sandy’ again please?) How do you approach trying to make people laugh when many aren’t really ready for it? It will always be something that a live show about pop culture will be charged with figuring out. And since Thursday night marked the end of 2012’s new episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report it’s up to SNL to figure out how to make light and put horrendous events into perspective.

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