Mike Lawrence, 'Sadamantium' (review)

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  • Mike Lawrence, ‘Sadamantium’ (review)

    Sadamantium ReviewIt has been a good year so far for comedian Mike Lawrence. This year alone, he’s appeared on Totally Biased, filmed his first ever Half Hour special for Comedy Central and now his debut stand-up album, Sadamantium is now out on the market. The name of the album certainly makes sense for Lawrence, who is a huge comic book fan; and for those of you who may not get the reference, adamantium is an indestructible metal alloy that Wolverine from the X-Men has bonded to his claws. Sadamantium is well, the sad version of that for comedians.

    Lawrence is one of those guys that doesn’t mind making fun of himself and his interests. He opens the album talking about how much of a nerd he is and how he got picked on as a kid, but never understood why he was being called “Sloth.” Lawrence explains, “The worst part about that was I hadn’t seen The Goonies at that point so I had to go home and rent the reason why I was being made fun of.” Lawrence is very adamant about how nerdy he is but admits he is not a fan of the Star Wars movies because he saw Spaceballs first. “When I saw Star Wars, it was just unfunny Spaceballs to me.”

    In addition to his self-deprecating humor, Lawrence’s set features many pop culture references. He talks about how some older actors need to give it up because lets be real, does the world really need a Die Hard 9 starring Bruce Willis? He references one liners from various movies throughout almost every joke he makes. His nerdy side really does show during the duration of the album and if you have no connection with the pop culture world, some jokes might seem foreign, but you are still almost guaranteed to laugh because of the perfect. He even uses a Dr. Seuss reference but for the sake of internet appropriateness, we’re going to have to leave it up to you to listen to that one.

    This debut album could not have gone better for Mike Lawrence. His first full hour is hilarious and Lawrence is most definitely on the rise in the comedy world. Of course, his mom was also a stand up comic so it could be expected that he follow in her footsteps, right? Sort of. Lawrence describes it as, “no one wants to see one of their mistakes making one of their mistakes.” Don’t worry, Mike, we all thank you for going into comedy and you certainly didn’t make any mistakes during the recording of Sadamantium.

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