Miley Cyrus hosted 'Saturday Night Live,' it's a party in the NBC

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  • Miley Cyrus hosted ‘Saturday Night Live,’ it’s a party in the NBC

    Miley Cyrus SNLMiley Cyrus has been through quite the transformation since she first hosted Saturday Night Live back in 2011. She went from Disney star looking to act like a grown up into some weird hybrid of a talented performer that’s trying way to hard for people to see her as a twerking sex symbol of some sort.

    The best way to sum up this episode was that it met expectations. And the expectations weren’t really that high. While Miley is a fine singer who has more acting and comedy experience than the average 20 year old (remember she did star in a TV comedy) she’s currently trying really hard to be edgy and provocative. Something that just comes across as ham-fisted and isn’t really setting her up for staying power. Miley’s timing was fine and she brought a youthful energy to the show in a much better way than we were told Justin Bieber would (that Bieber episode sill haunts my dreams). And she did it later than normal because SNL’s start time was pushed back a half hour because football ran late. The episode was a hodgepodge of all kinds of different highs and lows. With roaringly funny moments and some WTF ones as well. So at midnight we dive into all the twerking, wrecking ball, and VMA jokes we can muster.

    Here we go.

    Cold Open: Old Miley Cyrus Confronts New Miley Cyrus at the VMAs
    A lot happened politically this week and the cold opening could’ve taken that chance to address it but rather than being a slog of an intro they decided to face nearly all the expected Miley Cyrus cliches in the first sketch setting it against the background of the VMAs. Vanessa Bayer with her hilarious impression of the pop singer decided to drop in on the Miley 2.0 and offer up some advice before she unleashes the apocalypse that Keenan Thompson describes as the moment of the end of humanity. Until this moment, I also forgot about the Jaden/Smith family reaction during the performance and having Jay Pharoah drop in to remind me is terrific. But most terrific is Bobby Moynihan’s frightened bear

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