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  • Saturday Night Live’s 20 best Christmas sketches

    Tonight Saturday Night Live will air its Christmas special during prime time. It’s a collection of some of their favorite holiday-themes sketches of the last 38 seasons of the show. Rather than sit around and wait for them to tell us what they liked, we figured we’d make our own list of our favorite SNL Christmas-themed sketches.

    The Christmas episode is always one that many look forward to. It’s usually fairly loaded with cameoes and has many people from the cast old and new drop by. For a great example, look no further than Jimmy Fallon’s hosting duties last year. This year they just announced that Martin Short and Paul McCartney will host so you know there’s a good chance for a pretty great show.

    But in the meantime feel free to compare our list to the ones that will air tonight and we’ll bet ours are better. But then again, we’re biased because we think we’re damn awesome.

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    Tracy Gerardo


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