SXSW 2013 Sunday: The most importan discussion ever, WTF with Marc Maron, and Comedy! Bang! Bang! live

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  • SXSW 2013 Sunday: The most important discussion ever, WTF with Marc Maron, and Comedy! Bang! Bang! live

    Sunday morning what a blast. One thing I forgot that Texas does well is a breakfast. Not only is it stuff that you should eat for an afternoon meal like fried steaks and whatnot, there’s stuff put on your plate that you really shouldn’t eat at all and that is why I love you Texas breakfast.

    The day started off at The North Door, where James Adomian hosting “The Most Important Discussion Ever” which was a send-up of most SXSW panels that take themselves too seriously. Adomian was joined by Daniel Van Kirk who joined in (donning a wig and his best Mark Wahlberg impression, which was pretty spot on) and remained in character the entire panel dispelling nuggets of truth from his movie career as he also tried to get his brother Donnie jobs. Jenny Slate was her usual charming self, if her charming self was in a joking munchie phase and in search for food trucks from SXSW drug binges. Jon Dore dropped in to promote his new indie film about corn and potato cop team Starchy and Husk but only had the audio of the movie available. The last panelist was Drennon Davis who was there as “Morrissey” singing every response to every question asked. When the panel was over audience expert Andy Peters took “questions” from the audience.

    Following the panel it was time to roll over to Esther’s Follies for the taping of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. Arriving early, we were treated to Maron hanging out on stage talking to a half-full venue of people, answering music questions, passing around some pins and stickers. Once the room filled and the taping began, Maron brought out the host of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Peter Sagal and they discussed his early writing jobs on indie films and one that ended up becoming the sequel to Dirty Dancing (even though his lines didn’t make it to the final product). The next guest was the hilarious comedian Nate Bargatze who told an amazing story about just how his cousin’s wedding went down in the South which included the father of the bride not wearing a t-shirt and a fist fight that broke out between an older set of relatives. After Bargatze, Maron welcomed filmmaker Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo) as they talked about his career and creative process.

    As Korine’s interview went on and without warning there was a shout from the crowd. Comedy fans immediately recognized it as the Bitter Buddha himself Eddie Pepitone as he busted Maron’s chops for continuing to push Korine for questioning. What wasn’t certain was whether Pepitone’s outburst was planned or not. Maron seemed surprised until he realized who the heckler was. He later declared that it wasn’t planned and he and Eddie had a, “special relationship.”

    The final guest of the show was actor James Franco who was in town to promote his new movie Spring Breakers (which was written/directed by Korine). Franco discussed a lot of fascinating things ranging from his stint on General Hospital, hosting the Oscars (“I read the words they wrote for me”). A live WTF podcast was in the books.

    After a quick run back to the North Door for the Bitter Buddah Blues which was a lineup of comedy hosted by Eddie Pepitone. In all honesty, that was interrupted by a last minute invite and need to visit a BBQ joint (important) located in the parking lot in a gas station (unimportant).

    Shaking off the meat sweats we made it back to Esther’s Follies for Comedy Bang Bang live. Host Scott Aukerman brought out a bevy of stand-up comics like Chris Gethard who told a hilarous story about how he got a bad tattoo after a psychedelic experience at Bonnaroo (it’s not as cut and dry as that sounds,) Eugene Mirman who recalled how he paid money to Facebook message people like Justin Bieber and John Boehner. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writer Seth Herzog who showed his most cringeworthy video clip of him performing at his Bar Mitzvah, James Adomian who brought out the Jesse Ventura impression, ending the night with some hilarious impressions of other comedians like Eddie Pepitone, peaking by doing the impression of Louis C.K. tucking Marc Maron into bed at the end of the night. If that scenario sounds amazing it’s because it was. Jerrod Carmichael ended the evening with a jazz set talking to the crowd about whatever they wanted, asking for topics and riffing on whatever came up. It got dark at point but it was entirely hilarious.

    And with Comedy Bang Bang, our night of comedy is wrapped on day 2 of SXSW. Time for a nap, tomorrow brings more.

    What do you think?