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  • 10 funny Vine profiles you must follow right now!


    VineThese days in comedy, you have to be on the up and up with all facets of new web technology in order to be visible to your audience. Comedians are using Twitter to get their latest 140 character joke to you, creating tumblrs to post content that reflect their personality, and even making web series using YouTube Channels. Not to mention podcasts! If you’re a comedian and don’t have a podcast, then you’re one of the few that doesn’t these days.

    The latest piece of mobile technology comedians are using to reach fans is Vine. Vine lets you create customizable six-second videos that go beyond tweets and photos. Being called “the Instagram” of video, Vine allows the you to use start and stop recording so you can create montage-style clips of music, sports, and of course, cats.

    Here are ten comedians using Vine hilariously to create a whole new interaction with their fans.

    T.J. Miller
    The great thing about T.J. Miller is you never know what to expect. Like any of his music videos, show Mash UP,  and Gorburger YouTube series, Miller’s Vine videos involve random, often creepy acts of hilarity.

    Will Sasso
    Will Sasso is using his Vine account to just be silly and it’s working. The former MADtv star is using the social media platform to create unique characters who have repeating mini episodes like having conversations with Hulk Hogan or his ‘roided out persona named “Corey” who yells and hits punching bags with hammers.

    Matt Braunger
    Matt Braunger is known for his manic energy that can sometimes delve into sheer ludicrous results. They usually star his friends and other comedians and the payoff payoff coming in the final moments is almost always worth it. Like Metal Space Fort or this one which literally made us drop our phone the first time we saw it.

    Joe Randazzo
    The current editor of Thing X and former editor of The Onion shares Vine videos about what it’s like to be in way cooler situations than you like being in the chaos of the Super Bowl halftime show.

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