What’s Your Flavor? Observational Comedy?

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  • The Laugh Guide: Observational Comedy

    Demetri MartinThe Laugh Guide: Issue 1 – Observational Comedy

    The ongoing series of exploring different styles of comedy.

    If you had to sum up this style of comedy in one sentence, it would be this… observational comedy is based on the premise of “it’s funny because it’s true.”

    This popular form is based on stating remarks about the everyday aspects found in life. This helps make this form a common type of humor which is used in stand up comedy, films and television. Everyday life is funny and there are humorous gems found in our day to day lives. The magic of a stand-up comedian or actor is that they have the power to inflate the importance of trivial things or they can share their observations from things that society accepts as normal.

    I’m sure some of your favorite comedians hone their craft through observational comedy as some of the most influential and famous comedians use this form.

    Here are some clips from some of our favorite comedians using the skill of observational comedy in their routines.

    Demetri Martin talks about ideas to make cigarettes uncool and asks questions about being angry and “spinning in your grave.”

    Jim Gaffigan shares the insights about McDonald’s that all of us know, yet ignore.

    The late Mitch Hedberg delivers homerun joke after homerun joke in a faster pace of observational comedy.

    Observational comedy is a strong form which delivers powerful results. The comedians listed above as well as tenured comedians such as George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David or Bill Cosby all deliver this tactic to deliver comedy gold.


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