The Whitest Kids U’ Know bring fan favorites to the The Gramercy Theatre, NYC

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  • The Whitest Kids U’ Know bring fan favorites to the Gramercy Theatre

    WKUK GramercyI was a freshman in college when my friends first showed me The Whitest Kids U’ Know skit, “Slow Jerk.” I quickly realized that the group had a weekly half-hour show with jam-packed with even more hilarious skits (at first on Fuse before moving to IFC), and ever since have sworn by all five seasons. So naturally I had high hopes about seeing the group perform live at NYC’s Gramercy Theatre. As a longtime, I was certainly not disappointed by the Whitest Kids’ hometown show (the group got its start after four of the five cast members met at New York’s School of Visual Arts).

    If you were hoping for The Whitest Kids (made up of Trevor Moore, Zach Cregger, Sam Brown, Timmy Williams and Darren Trumeter) to perform new material on stage, then you were out of luck. The night proved to be a greatest hits performance from the troupe, with them performing many fan favorites like the aforementioned “Slow Jerk,” “Abe Lincoln,” the “Dating Game” and many more along with a few only die-hard fans would remember. They also brought back “Dancing Timmy,” featuring the overweight cast-member once again dancing only in his tighty-whitey (spoiler: he remained pantless for the rest of the evening). However, even though these sketches may have been seen numerous times by the sold-out audience in attendance, the group kept it fresh by ad libbing at certain points or altering the punch lines/endings. In fact, seeing each member try to refrain from cracking up at a blunder or newly added line was a personal highlight. There was also plenty of audience interaction (with the group bringing volunteers from the audience on stage for two sketches) that made the night even more memorable for the crowd.

    WKUK Live in NYCThe group also included a fair share of videos at the beginning and middle of the show, as well as an opening stand-up bit from the group’s longtime friend Greg Johnson (who also appeared a handful of skits). In addition to opening with a clip of the “Dog Suicide” skit and later showing video of what subtitles for Chewbacca might potentially entail, Moore also showed music videos from his forthcoming solo album Drunk Texts To Myself (out on March 26 via Comedy Central Records). This included the previously released “The Pope Rap” and a new video for “Founding Fathers Rap.”

    While Moore’s solo efforts certainly made the crowd laugh, the night was still about The Whitest Kids U’ Know. Seeing the five comedic performers on stage gave me the chance to once again see them at their best: not only performing sketches that are at times vulgar and always off the wall, but working together to create hilarious moments.

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