In Case You Missed It: We festival prepped and got some shoutouts

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  • In Case You Missed It: We festival prepped and got some shoutouts

    T.J. MillerThe time has come once again and that is time to talk about Spring festivals. There are no less than 5 festivals happening in the next 2 months alone. It’s kinda daunting if you ask us. But it’s also a great time to run yourself ragged and see pretty much every awesome comedian in existence. This week was also the week that the public learned that the government likes to do dumb things to injure itself like this whole sequester thing. The stories behind this seem funnier than a political sitcom like 1600 Penn can think of these days.

    Also, for some incredibly unexplainable reason, not one but two co-workers discovered that the Harlem Shake was a thing. So I had the misfortune of having to hear them figure it out for about 3 whole minutes. If you think, “hey Matt 3 minutes ain’t nothing.” I’d reply with, “you don’t realize how many Harlem Shakes one can fit into 3 minutes until you try.” But that’s my cross to bear people, my cross.

    As for this week, if we weren’t so damn busy we’d probably go looking for that old guy’s hidden treasure out in New Mexico but we’d just have to give half to one-eyed Willie.

  • We announced our baller stand-up comedy show that’s going to happen at SXSW in a few weeks. Robert Kelly will host the Nasty Show with some really great other comedians like Big Jay Oakerson, Aisha Tyler, Matt Braunger, and Mark Normand. It’s pretty much the most important night of stand-up comedy in your life.
  • Eugene Mirman dropped in on late night television and talked about life and its many wake up calls.
  • Our writer Brian Elles continued his exploration into the different styles of comedy.
  • Ned? Ned Ryerson?
  • The Pope resigned. But it wasn’t because he couldn’t flow.
  • It was the Oscars so we talked a lot of smack about them.
  • One of the best comedy clubs in New York is going to expand.
  • We introduced you to comedian William Kilmer.
  • In an interview with comedian T.J. Miller gave us a shoutout. Thanks T.J.! We think you’re pretty swell as well. We also got some dap from the folks at There was love all around.
  • If you thought you wouldn’t hear much from Louis C.K. while his show is on hiatus for this year, you severely don’t understand the work ethic of the man.
  • I’m still waiting for the day when dick jokes aren’t going to be funny. One would think it would’ve happened by now.
  • Our favorite “fun dad” Pete Holmes is going to get his own show on late night TV. Speaking of late night television, Jimmy Fallon pulled this maneuver and that maneuver.
  • We learned about the most popular movie/sitcom extra ever. While on the topic of sitcoms, Matlock is still popular.
  • Even when he looks like a cartoon, Mitch Fatel is dirty as sh*t.
  • If you are a religious person you can also still laugh.
  • Did you hear about that time when people lost their minds about the Oscars and fake outraged possessed us for whole 10 hours?
  • Doug Stanhope started a podcast. Though many comedians have them, this one frightens us the most.
  • We dropped in on the comedy showcase in NY and saw the world’s worst comedian, he was hilarious.
  • Bros.
  • Kurt Braunohler is going to write silly things in the sky. We totally approve.
  • If you have writer’s block this might help.
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