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  • Funny Or Die launches news vertical, Funny Or Die News

    The popular comedy website, Funny Or Die, has launched it’s own news vertical today. According to THR, Funny Or Die News will feature daily editorial content on the FOD website and mobile app about today’s current events. The vertical will produce blog posts about today’s most pressing issues as well as longer features from a team of thoughtful, character driven columnists. Heading the operation is Dan Abramson, who also leads the editorial content on FOD’s digital magazine The Occasional. He is joined by Nate Dern, Matt Klinman, John Howell Harris, and Melinda Taub. Read More

    Rodney Dangerfield lives on in new website created by his wife

    Just today, Rodney Dangerfield’s wife, Joan Dangerfield, launched an all new website, called, that chronicles the late comic’s life. The new website is pretty cool too, putting his life in order that allows users to click through and learn about him. Viewers will be are able to hear some of his jokes, as well as watch some of his late night TV appearances. Furthermore, the site contains testimonials about Dangerfield from famous comics, such as Bill Murray, Chris Rock, Bob Saget, and others.

    What would make the new site even better? How about a brand new car? Actually, it’s not a new car that you can enter to win, but Dangerfield’s 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood. Even though it’ll be 20 years old by the time the winner is announced this coming Valentine’s Day, you’ll command at least some of the respect that Rodney never got when you pull up in the a car once owned by comedy royalty.

    ‘The Onion’ says goodbye to print

    The paper version of The Onion once existed in 17 different cities, however, that has dwindled down to just three, and that will soon be zero. The Onion has officially decided to discontinue its print version. While the print version has been around for 25 years, it will see it’s final issue on December 12 (it’s currently physically available in just Chicago, Milwaukee and Providence RI). “It’s sad to see a print edition no longer exist, but it’s important to see the Onion succeed,” Mike McAvoy, president of Chicago-based Onion Inc, told It was borne out by shrinking advertising. Apparently the most recent issue had only two full page ads, both of them for Camel cigarettes.

    Although it is sad to see one tradition of the well-known satirical paper die, there are big things on the horizon for The Onion. Now that the paper’s full focus is on the Internet, they have been said to be attracting all sorts of new commercial clients. For example, DSW recently commissioned them to produce a series of videos about men’s fashion. Also, they are working with Amazon to create a new online TV series called Onion News Empire. I suppose this is where most would say, “out with the old and in with the new!”

    Preview a track from Kurt Braunohler’s new album, ‘How Do I Land?’

    How Do I Land?

    Kurt Braunohler is on the move again with his new record How do I Land? which will lands on August 20th. Believe it or not, Kurt actually started a Kickstarter to help with the album. During the campaign, he raised $6K and actually got a pilot to write, “How do I land” across the sky. As you can image it went crazy viral. Well now, thanks to the kindness and generosity of Kurt you can actually take a listen to one of the tracks off his new album called Breast Fed. It’s a quick two minute clip that will get you laughing and leave you wanting more.

    We’re fan’s of Braunohler and even got the chance to talk to him at Just For Laughs Montrel last year. Kurt’s also been called “a prolific stand-up comedian” by the LA Times, pretty high praise. Also, Kurt was named to Variety’s 2012 comics to watch and one of “The 50 Funniest” by Time Out New York. Long story short, you will be seeing Kurt’s name many more times in many more places. To get his new album pre-order it for $7 now. Read More

    Preview clips from Brian Posehn’s upcoming CD/DVD release, ‘The Fartist’

    The FartistMetalhead/nerd/dad/comedian/comic book writer and all around fan of farts, Brian Posehn returns with the release of a new CD/DVD, The Fartist. What do you think the subject matter of the special is about? Well, farts silly. Not only farts but Posehn also tackles being a father and the trials and tribulations of growing up and taking on adult responsibilities – like what to tip a stripper and why he’s aggressively anti-Star Wars prequels. Total adult things.

    The Fartist was released via Netflix earlier this year. It was recorded in Seattle’s Neptune Theater and directed by Jay Chapman. New Wave Dynamics will release The Fartist on June 25th. But since that’s a while off, we have this handy dandy preview widget so you can get your fart fix until then. Read More

    TIME Magazine names Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel on list of 100 Most Influential People

    Jimmy Kimmel, TIMEThe TIME 100, a list from TIME Magazine that features the 100 most influential people in the world was announced today and it actually featured a few comedians and writers.

    Selected by other artists, TIME called Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Mindy Kaling, and Lena Dunham some of the most influential artists working today.

    “He’s a brilliant comedian. A talented musician. A spot-on impersonator. Jimmy has redefined and recharged late-night television with a genuine excitement and energy that gets under your skin,” TIME said of Jimmy Fallon. Can’t argue with that as Fallon is poised to takeover The Tonight Show in 2014.

    “He can interview a major star and be impressed and still cut the star down to human size with the deftness of a brain surgeon. He is the stand-up guy that young male viewers want as their pal late at night. He projects it because he is it,” TIME raved of Jimmy Kimmel.

    “Lena’s power lies largely in her self-awareness and wit. Like all great comics, she has a joke ready to deflect any jeer,” TIME wrote of Girls creator, writer, and star Lena Dunham. Read More

    Amy Schumer in her own words (audio)

    Amy SchumerThe raunchy, hilarious, down to earth comedian Amy Schumer just released her latest stand-up special, Mostly Sex Stuff on DVD (via Comedy Central). Just a few weeks before the premiere of her new TV show, Inside Amy Schumer which premieres on April 30th.

    It’s a laugh-your-ass-off type of special and if you aren’t familiar with Amy, well… you’re missing out on the best female comedians in the scene. She delivers a hurricane force of words and stories that will make any audience squirm as she holds nothing back in her delivery and style.

    Her cute looks can be deceiving as Amy always takes the audience on fun magical rides through stories such as struggles of the female gender and how it sucks to questioning why the males enjoy certain sexual activities. Her sweet delivery and innocent tone keeps audiences hooked for her raw humor about anything and everything sexual.

    Amy combines sexual references with everyday activities such as having a “mid abortion” during yoga or stumbling around looking for a towel after what seemed to be a slime session from the gameshow Double Dare. Her topics don’t stray far from the S-E-X topic yet why should they… does anything else really matter in the world? Read More

    Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Super Bowl commercial only seen in one market (video)

    Were you one of the few lucky viewers to see the exclusive Super Bowl commercial with Will Ferrell this weekend? As he did last year, the comedian filmed and had an Old Milwaukee commercial shown in one very small TV market. Making for some Monday morning viral video fun.

    We love the manly Will when he has a full mustache and makes out with foreign ladies.

    New single from Patrice O’Neal to be released on Nov. 6, hear it now

    It’s been almost a year since Patrice O’Neal passed away. On November 6th, though, we’ll get to hear previously unreleased material from the comedian in the form of a new single called “Better Than You.”

    Recorded on April 17, 2011 at the DC Improv, this 20 minute single was originally considered for a bonus track on O’Neal’s final album, Mr. P, but was ultimately left off because of its length. Patrice’s widow, Vondecarlo Brown, had the following to say about “Better Than You”:

    “The truth is Patrice wanted the Friday show (Mr. P) in its most natural form without any major edits. The ‘Better Than You’ bit was a difficult decision to leave out, and we went back and forth about it for a while. In the end, he said, hey maybe we will use it in some other way later after we release it how it is. That ‘some other way’ was bonus material at the end of the CD I assumed at the time. The ‘Better Than You’ track was from the Sunday show if my memory serves, and Mr. P is the Friday show. Again, it was important for Patrice to release the project in its most natural form, and yes, I do feel it is important for people to hear all of his work; specifically bits he felt he would use in some way himself.”

    “Better Than You” will be released digitally on November 6th by BSeen Media. A preview of the clip can be checked out using this widget. Read More

    Exclusive First Listen: Stephen Lynch’s song, “Tattoo”

    Comedian/folk rock troubadour Stephen Lynch will release his highly anticipated fifth album, Lion on November 13th via What Are Records. The album will contain his signature musical comedy snark but perhaps a bit more of a folksy feel this time around.

    Lynch states “I wanted this album to have the Americana flavor to it that I love so much in the music of, say, Neil Young or Patty Griffin or Ray LaMontagne. I think it does. And, I’m confident the songs are still funny, if a bit subtler than some of my earlier work. Astute listeners will detect a slight shift of direction, comedy-wise. Musically, it’s the best work I’ve ever done. I’m a little bit in love with it.” Read More