Someone mashed The Lumineers up with Will Ferrell's Harry Caray impression and the best thing of todayThe Laugh Button

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  • Thank You Internet! Someone mashed up The Lumineers song, ‘Ho Hey’ with Will Ferrell’s Harry Caray impression and it’s the best thing of today


    I don’t really know how to be more descriptive than the subject line implys but some Youtube genius named Eric Woodie mashed up the popular song “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers with Will Ferrell’s legendary impression of Harry Cary from Saturday Night Live. The result is “Ho Hey Harry Carey” and it wins the Internet for today. Even though it’s a travesty that this has been online since February and has only 7,000 views. But we’re just finding out about it and hopefully righting a cosmic wrong by posting it. I would write more but there’s no way you are still reading these words.

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