Ben & Jerry will unveil a 30 Rock-inspired ice cream flavor

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  • Ben & Jerry’s will unveil a 30 Rock-inspired ice cream flavor

    Liz LemonWord on the street is that legendary Ice Cream makers Ben & Jerry are developing an ice cream based on Tina Fey’s 30 Rock. The ice cream Wonkas announced this yesterday as an homage to the series finale. One thing they didn’t reaveal was the name of said ice cream. That information will be revealed this Thursday night at the finale party. While this is hardly B&J’s first foray into doing this take in point Schweedy Balls, Americone Dreams and Late Night Snack, but it’s the first one that we think could develop a really great name.

    I have a feeling they’ll pick something punny like “30 Rock (y) Road” or “Liz Lemon Swirl.” But if they had any balls they might go for my dream marrying ice cream and cheese, “Cheesy Cake Blaster Surprise” or “Workin’ on My Night Cheese Cake”. Don’t let me down Ben and/or Jerry, don’t you dare!


    What do you think?