Alonzo Bodden undergoes kidney transplant surgery

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  • Alonzo Bodden undergoes kidney transplant surgery

    Alonzo SurgeryComedian Alonzo Bodden loves his brother a lot, enough to undergo the knife to help him. According to a Facebook post he will be going under the knife today for a kidney transplant to donate the kidney to his brother, who’s been enduring dialysis treatments.

    Brotherly love is strong, but it still can be a terrifying ordeal to have to undergo any type of major surgery. But Bodden is in good spirits about the entire thing.

    His Facebook post reads:

    “This time tomorrow ill have one less kidney & my brother will never have to do dialysis again. Tuesday is transplant day. Everything looks good. Talked to doc Friday. He’s good & he has sense of humor. I guess he’s done this before. Doc said he and other surgeon are like Jordan and Pippen. I said I hope he’s not Pippen. I need him to be 23 Jordan, not 45 Jordan. I know some are worried, I appreciate it. I’ll be alright. This is where I want to insert jokes bout where to hold the benefit if something goes wrong but I’m told that’s in bad taste. C’mon, it’s gotta be a little funny I love my brother, I’m blessed to help him. I’ll be back onstage soon with a kidney bit. Thanks, if you gotta pray, pray for our doctors”

    As any good comedian would do, Alonzo is taking the surgery with a relaxed sense of humor! This morning, he posted this on his Twitter handle pre-surgery. Best of luck Alonzo! We’re pulling for you and your brother!

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